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BlackBerry PlayBook: One month later
Posted by CR H. on May 24, 2011


Itís been almost a month since we posted our full PlayBook review, and since then RIM has released a new OS, some new apps, and enabled BBM over Bridge. We thought this would be a good time to give our quick thoughts on the latest updates and the state of RIMís tablet.

First up is the latest PlayBook OS, version Launched only a few days after our full review went live, weíve had plenty of time to give the OS a thorough look. The biggest change with the latest OS is BBM over Bridge, which we think is fantastic. The BBM client on the PlayBook is excellent and really takes advantage of the larger screen size. We canít wait until BBM can run on its own with the PlayBook, if RIM ever gets around to enabling that functionality. The ability to add browser bookmarks on the home screen was also introduced, which is another welcome addition.

Unfortunately, battery life has taken a turn for the worse with this latest OS, something which weíve seen many others echo on Twitter. But while the battery life isnít great, our PlayBookís battery meter now correctly goes to 100% while charging. Unfortunately you still canít charge with the PlayBook turned off, which we still find quite annoying.