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    Just reading the front page article about Leo Apotheker's vision of where HP is going, with all our devices and appliances connected. With all that mechanical communication, it seems likely that our phones will also have remote access to those systems. Our "phones" are really turning into mobile controllers and central information delivery points--which also happen to make voice calls.

    I suspect the descriptor of "phone" is not long for this life, since phone calling is in some cases a lesser part of what our devices do now and what they actually will be used for in the future.

    We may end up with a proprietary moniker, like "iBeam" or something. Or maybe an acronym: SCD (System Control Device).

    Any thoughts?
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    Mobile assistant (PMA) or just mobile device. Maybe just revert back to a PDA.
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    Pilot. It's my pilot. Second choice is PDA. Palm invented those, and history repeats itself!

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