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    So, I promised a thirty day review. It hasn't exactly been thirty days, but I think I have USed this phone long enough. I will not this review is being typed with my Arriv and for showing off purposes I am not going to edit my typing for typos to show you how good th keyboard is.

    So first thing first, how has this first month been? Very good. A learning experience as well. They keyboard is easy to type on, however as you can see sometimes I miss a letter because I can't tell I didn't push the button. One thing good about a pre keyboard is you know when you pushed a button.

    The OS itself is smooth and fast. However its not perfect. I have noticed sluggishness sometims on the home scrn and I actually had to take the battery out and forc a rstart BC IE froze. That was a little disheartening but only happened once.

    Speaking of IE, its th best darn Mobil browsing experience to date. Its fast and renders very well. I prefer using my phone over iOS (iPod Touch).

    The choice of apps is good for me. But I don't car about apps beyond the ones I need.

    Am I going to keep this phone? Yes, I Sur am. Its everything I want. The pre 3 would probably be better, but with Mango update WP7 Mango will be just as good as WebOS if not better. And the lack of multitasking is not as problematic as I thought it would be. I am glad I bought this phone and I rcommnd it to anyone who wants a good phone on Sprint.
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    thank you for your review. Verizon finally announced HTC Trophy to be release on May 26th. I hope this is a sign that Verizon will be supporting WP7 in the future. i am passing current WP7 phones since I figured there will be next wave to new WP7 phones are coming out soon. And I still have to wait til end of this year to upgrade anyway. Hopely Nokia WP7 will be available on Verizon end of this year, or early next week. I can't wait!!

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