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    With every one of them, there was a devoted cadre convinced their tech was superior. In Apple's case, the company hung around long enough to get some mindshare, but more importantly, they hung around long enough for the next wave of anti-establishment gadget geeks to get into the mainstream. Their marketing could have been designed by a chimp.. the cultural change is what allowed them to succeed.
    Ironically, Apple would be a distant memory if it wasn't for Microsoft. It's another thing that's Microsoft's fault.

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    I've said it a million times. It's all about the marketing. It really is. Apple has a cult following thanks to marketing that was designed to create exactly that. Everything from the ads, the packaging, the stores... All designed to invoke an emotional, almost spiritual response from customers. I could probably write a masters thesis comparing the similarities between Apple's marketing and the marketing used by various religions.
    Already been done.. Read the article I posted above

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Ironically, Apple would be a distant memory if it wasn't for Microsoft. It's another thing that's Microsoft's fault.

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    They had no choice... Anti trust laws

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    Meanwhile, true Apple fans are complaining that religion is just a poor, outdated facsimile of what they feel for their iPhones!
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    The thread title would have been more appropriately named "Apple evokes religious reaction in fan". (Not Fans). The guy in the study is certainly an extreme exception.
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    <<posts deleted>>

    This is going to be hard for some to comprehend, but here it goes;

    We are a community made up primarily of webOS users.
    We have many members that may at one time used Palm/HP products.
    So we allow open discussion for a variety of platforms.
    But, we are primarily made up of webOS users.

    That said, we have a dilemma;
    One option would be to never allow our members to have anything bad to say about users of other products.
    Or, perhaps have somewhat double standards for webOS users on a webOS site, and those who use other platforms.

    It becomes an issue when certain members post criticizing statements about webOS users.
    Insulting the users of webOS in a community of webOS users.
    This cannot be allowed. We can't come to a community and make general insults of members of that community. These webOS users of our community don't appreciate it, and I could see them staggered at why they're being bashed in their own community.

    Frankly, we're not going to allow it.
    Staff's primary responsibility is to make this a community for webOS users to find support for their webOS devices, and have respectful conversations about other possible devices.

    So again, the dilemma; Can P|C allow our community of webOS users to say users of another device is made up of a certain kind of people?

    I guess the better question is: what would we expect from other communities?

    Let's just use Android and Apple as our examples for now.
    What would happen if I went over to Apple's forums and said webOS users are a bunch of dreamers and rainbow chasers? Would the owners of that site have issue with that?
    Very slim chance they'd have the slightest concern. Apple forum members could post their rips in that thread and it wouldn't be a problem to that community.
    Now, how about I go over there and say Apple users are a bunch of sheep who'd eat a cow paddy if you put an apple logo on it. How long would that thread last?
    How long would I last? If I started another thread with a slight different slant, but a similar insulting message to either the members or the product they use, how long would it last?
    We all know it wouldn't, and I'd be banned almost immediately. I'd be considered a Troll.

    Oh, what a glorious world it would be if we could be better than that.
    The strange part is we don't expect it to be allowed at those sites, but some seem to expect it to be allowed here.

    Maybe people expect a more reasonable response from webOS users when they get bashed in their own community by users of other devices.

    What ever the reasoning, we aren't going to allow people to post insults about our members no matter how general the statement.

    Just call me Berd.
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