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    Android User Data Easily Stolen

    Android User Data Easily Stolen -- InformationWeek

    The personal data that's left hanging in the breeze is calendar information, contact data, and private Web albums. The researchers note that this means ne'er-do-wells can "view, modify, or delete any contacts, calendar events, or private pictures. This is not limited to items currently being synced but affects all items of that user."
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    One of the commentators that followed makes sense:

    This is no different that using any device on an open wifi network. A laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPod, android, etc... Anything that doesn't encrypt traffic over an open wifi network can be sniffed.

    This issue is hardly restricted to Android phones, calling it an Android problem is nothing more than biased reporting. A properly configured openwifi network with AP Isolation enabled will greatly reduce the risk, but there is always some risk.

    That's why people who are overly concerned about this sort of thing use an encrypted tunnel (VPN) to make sure everything that passes through the internet is encrypted.

    Such as the following article explaining how much data your iPhone will leak and how to use an encrypted VPN Tunnel to stop it.
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