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    Interesting article from the BBC website.

    BBC News - Is 'open' killing the Android?
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    I don't think 'open' is killing Android, but they do have a point that it could be easier to search for apps. If they make it easier for people to get to the good apps first, then being open won't be a problem, but then Google has been struggling to get good search results to appear first for a long time, and people always find a way to game the system.
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    OP, appreciate the article, but tech opinions are the proverbial "dime-a-dozen". There is not much to his analysis other than a few selectively spun statistics with only speculation offered as reason for the stats.

    Case in point:

    (Really!!!? Windows Phone 7 # 1 in the world? Will there be a Windows Phone 7 in 2015 or will it be Windows phone 12 or 13 by then?)

    Don't see this slowing their roll. Some healthy competition might - hear that HP <grin>
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    Another interesting article completing discounting Android and Google's supposed openess.

    A long one, but definitely worth the read.

    How Google controls Android: digging deep into the Skyhook filings | This is my next...
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    It’s pretty easy to throw stones at any operation that claims to be “open” because the truth is that no organization/operation/company/etc. that is popular will ever work being “completely open.” It just can’t happen.

    We all know there are a certain number of constraints, a certain number of costs, and a certain number of hassles with each “system” available. Pick the one that best matches up with your needs/wants.

    Once you give in to that pragmatism, it is easy to see how Android is hitting a lot of right buttons, even though they can’t hope to hit every right button. Of course nobody would get many page hits with a tech-blog stating the obvious like that now would they…


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