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Report: 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook model expected later this year

Hot on the heels of the BlackBerry PlayBook launched just a few weeks ago are rumors that a larger version of the PlayBook will be offered by RIM (NASDAQ: RIMM) before the year is out. This was reported by the Boy Genius Report, which wrote that "We have been told by multiple sources that RIM is planning on releasing its follow-up to the BlackBerry PlayBook around the holidays this year."

The report went on to say that the new tablet will be "in the 10-inch range" as opposed to the 7-inch dimensions of the current PlayBook. A decision to have a larger 10-inch device does not surprise me, since the larger screen display does come in handy when reading documents with illustrations or images. Moreover, RIM has never denied it's not working on tablets of other sizes, though one downside of a larger tablet is that it will necessarily be heavier too.

In the past, I've written about my belief that the PlayBook will be a strong tablet contender; indeed, the PlayBook was reported to have achieved better first-day sales than the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In this vein, the availability of a 10-inch model will only serve to strengthen RIM's tablet offerings in terms of attractiveness to users who may be undecided in committing to a platform due to their preference for a larger display or smaller tablet.