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    I know i'm not the only reluctant android user on here, so i decided i'd bring the news. As many of you are aware, an android developer has decided to shamelessly ape the webOS wave launcher concept and use it for monetary gain.

    The app, called "wave launcher" is currently free for today if you download it using Amazon's Android Appstore (which has to be sent to your phone from

    I'm a bit torn about this one because they blatantly ripped off Palm's idea. But it is extremely well implemented, and they do give a WebOS a shoutout in the app description. It even improves on the multitasking experience because it places recently used apps in the wave launcher.

    If you are starving for a return to webOS, maybe this app will make the wait a little easier.
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    Meh, personally I would rather have the wave launcher replaced with a virtual keyboard that works. The patch that replaces the wave launcher with the virtual keyboard does this, but the keyboard is buggy. I never use the wave launcher anyway. Upswipe and tap is faster anyway.

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    BOYCOTT! This blashphmey.

    just trying to let people know about a deal...
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    Two years ago, Palm stopped Teal from distributing the Teal OS for the Treo line, which emulated the WebOS interface (including the Wave Launcher), and was pretty good at it - I always thought that was a mistake, because, it "taught" current Palm users how to use WebOS and to fall in love with it, which meant cheap advertising, and probably gave them even more users in the long run.

    I never use the wave launcher myself.. its a bit uninutitive for me, but, it is a feature unique to WebOS... I say HP should contact the developer and permit him/her to continue, as long as proper credit is given to WebOS somehow in its implementation, which can be seen by the user...

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    Folks... This forum is provided for discussions where members wish to compare webOS devices to the competition. Lets please keep posts limited to that purpose.

    Thank you!

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