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    Quote Originally Posted by KAPS View Post
    Yeah right now I am the bad guy( specifically I love it). You are the one, who keep on telling how good playbook is and how good RIM is.
    Even though I have repeatedly pointed out that Playbook is missing very important feature but still you are adamant that it is the best tablet in the market.
    Playbook has copied WebOS but you keep on saying that QNX is original.
    I don't know why RIM ****** come over to different forum and try to say that RIM still is good.
    I think it is because you know deep inside that RIM is finished and it is on the last leg.
    Here in this forum if any of the members point some flaw in Playbook or RIM, you will just blindly support it and try to defend it.
    Btw the Skynet thing was a joke if you couldn't get it that is not my fault.
    Btw your reference for Skynet was a joke, who the hell watches Sarah Connor serial anyways.
    Let the moderator decide what they want to do.
    I know one thing I don't go in RIM forum and try to make WebOS look good but RIM ******* are so insecure about WebOS and other OS that they come over to these forum to try to defend RIM.
    Btw if you see in the topic, everybody was saying how bad Playbook UI really is but then you come and try to tell some bull**** thing about TAT and god know what all, You diverted from the topic not me.
    Oh great, this is what happens when ******* and antifanboys start a flamewar. Who would've thought it would be about a RIM product here at PC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FliedLice View Post
    Exactly. They're unnecessary and unneeded. I'll stay away from this thing. Thanks again, firebrewd.
    But I think that is precisely the reason why QNX (not talking about RIM and the Playbook at the moment) decided to use flash as their UI tool of choice for things like car dashboards and center console units. There are a lot of more people familiar with photoshop tools than qnx tools.
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