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    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    I can't figure where all this started. It wasn't like this in the treo days.
    Somewhere, somehow, it became a competition among users. As if we need to 'Win'.

    Why? What for?.
    Self Esteem?
    Is my personal self worth wrapped up in the electronic gadget I carry?

    I will admit that we want to enjoy our device and be happy with our purchase, but if we're not, and we spend our energy complaining, we're just bogging the forums down for those who remain here with an interest in better things for webOS.

    Make your point and move on.
    So you think the Veer is too small to be a contender?
    Fine, say it and move on. There's no need to say it in thread after thread. Move on and let those who are interested in the Veer learn about it without having to sift through your negative opinion.

    It's too late for webOS?
    They missed the boat?
    Fine, move on and enjoy the OS that's doing what you think they should be doing.

    Please let those who come here to learn about good things coming to webOS enjoy their visit.

    Our forum 'Other Handhelds' exist for those interested in other handhelds, but for those who also share an interest in webOS. If we have no interest in webOS, we have sister sites to discuss these other handhelds.
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    I do not visit any of the other sites - too busy. I like learning a bit about the other handhelds from time to time.

    That said, I'm with others who feel that the purpose of that forum is to talk about other handhelds not to do a comparison that is slanted to show off how superior one is over another. I'm not saying comparisons are useless - but the tone needs to be better than many achieve.

    Overall - it's easy to skip over the threads so I'm not really that bugged by even the most aggressive webOS bashing that goes on - but I do wish it could be a little more supportive in there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    This thread sucks get rid of it.

    Should we scrap this Thread?

    I agree. Ban OP while you're at it.
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    Let's give the recent changes a chance to work.

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