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    Blackberry now is the fragmentation king, Android is nothing in comparison to Blackberry right now. Their new OS7 doesn't support flash and Android apps.

    I don't know what their stupid CEO are thinking but each new version of Blackberry OS is totally different from the older one, no continuity whatsoever.

    RIM is also not supporting 9 month old Blackberry tourch device to run the new OS, even Palm was better in this regard.
    That is seriously f**ked up company right now and I am loving it.

    BlackBerry OS 7 won't support Android apps or Flash | ZDNet

    While the past two days have been full of promising news for RIM and its line of gadgets, a recent bit of news from the company is less positive.

    In a perplexing announcement, RIM says that BlackBerry 7 phones like the recently-announced BlackBerry Bold wont support Android Apps. Perplexing is the right word here because RIM is currently working on bringing that very same functionality to its PlayBook tablet.

    RIM is also nixing Flash support for BlackBerry OS 7, PC Mag reports. Instead, the company is focused on getting that functionality on QNX web browser. As PC Mag points out, this is in spite of the fact that the Bold 9900s processor meets the required hardware specifications for Flash. Flash support for BlackBerry phones, then, wont arrive until RIM rolls out a QNX-based mobile OS.

    By dropping both features, RIM may further fears that its BlackBerry OS will be left behind as developers flock to the Android and iOS platforms. At this rate, RIM may lose customers as well.
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    It seems to me that the only company not having fragmentation problem is apple. its funny how these companies are trying to catch up with them, but they fail to emulate the parts that truly set them apart.

    The thing that makes ios attractive to developers is the user base. And part of what makes that so large at any given time is the fact that most of the older devices are still supported.

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