Samsung is growing at 350% per year that is just ridiculous number anyways we see it.

Next in line is HTC, which is growing at 230%. These Android makers are having a field day making android handset.

Nokia is still number 1 followed by Apple and then in third place is RIM.

Although RIM sales are rising but in comparison to the other manufactures they are losing shares and this will hurt them in the long term.
How the mighty fall.

IDC: smartphone market grows 80 percent year-on-year, Samsung shipments rise 350 percent -- Engadget
IDC: smartphone market grows 80 percent year-on-year, Samsung shipments rise 350 percent
By Vlad Savov posted May 6th 2011 4:27AM
Smartphones are getting kind of popular nowadays, in case you hadn't noticed. The latest figures from IDC show a 79.7 percent expansion of the global smartphone market between this time last year and today, which has resulted in 99.6 million such devices being shipped in Q1 of 2011. That growth has mostly been driven by Samsung, which has more than quadrupled its output to 10.8 million shipments in the quarter, and HTC, whose growth has been almost as impressive. The other big gainer is Apple, with 10 million more iPhones shipped, but the truth is that all the top five vendors are showing double-digit growth. In spite of Nokia losing a big chunk of market share and RIM being demoted from second to third in the ranking, both of those old guard manufacturers improved on their quarterly totals. IDC puts this strength in demand down to the relatively unsaturated smartphone marketplace, and believes there's "ample room for several suppliers to comfortably co-exist," before ominously adding, "at least for the short term." And after the short term, our break-dancing robot overlords take over.

Update: IDC has also released data for Western Europe that shows Nokia has lost the top spot both in terms of smartphones, to Apple, and in terms of overall mobile phone shipments, to Samsung.