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    Re: Hewlett-Packard On The RIM Takedown Trail? - Great Speculations - Buys, holds, and hopes - Forbes

    A couple of quotes:

    We believe HPís acquisition of Palm could have repercussions in the corporate smart phone market as HP leverages its strong corporate presence to promote Palm smart phones.

    There could be a downside of 10% to the $75 Trefis price estimate for RIMís stock if BlackBerry global mobile phone market share does not increase as much as we forecast, due to greater competition from HP after its acquisition of Palm.

    HP Can Leverage Its Corporate Relationships to Widen Palm Distribution

    It is Forbes who put that last part in bold.
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    Article was written over a year ago?
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    Regardless of when it was written, it is still interesting.

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    It was also written by people who thought at the time that RIM bought QNX for automotive integration.
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    what i find most disturbing is the article was written on April 28th 2010, and they reference a price target of $75 dollars. two days later it closed at 71.19. I don't think it ever got above $70.78 again. I'll take with a grain of salt analyst that said RIMM was going up last april but out of the other side say HP's gonna hit them and send it down. RIMM's outlook has been declining for a while that's no secret. I don't know why they'd think it would go up at that time. And it's gone down ever since. it's in the 40s now. And i wouldn't be surprised if they can't release a new phone with a qnx OS that wows people by Xmas to see it in the mid 30s. And it makes me question their judgment on other things.

    regardless this is the same argument everyone's been saying for a while. HP has business contacts and it will help them sell phones. May end up being true. May not. It's just not really new news from my vantage point.
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    Till HP doesn't deliver a 4inch full touchscreen phone without a keyboard it can't be taken seriously.
    Veer is good phone and I may take it but right now people want keyboard less phone and HP should start listening to these people.
    HP can certainly use their business contact to sell WebOS phone but first it need to impact the normal consumer so that business people are comfortable in using WebOS phone.
    They need to improve security, provide office tools and their phone should have ample battery life. These are few points, which HP should keep in mind while targeting the Business people.
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    Till HP is just like everyone else it will be taken seriously? It will just be more static in the Android noise if it releases the same generic form released by everyone else.

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