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    well im using a bb 8330 after i break my palm pre ... no much to tell just bb is an awesome phone too
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    I went from a BB8330 to a Palm+. I prefer the palm, but if it brakes I can always go back to the BB. I like the BB for copy n pasting from the web, its a whole lot easier than on the Pre+.
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    You need to teach me how to copy and paste in this phone,I'm still lerning!
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    I came from the 8330. It was nice at the time, but WAY too many little annoyances and issues that actually had a major impact in the useability of the device. Trying to use the little trackball on the calendar dates and times was always a pain. The lack of being able to do true GTD without buying a very expensive program was another turn off. There were many little issues I had including a truly, and completely, borked GPS (this was Verizon and the 8330's GPS was locked down even worse than the Pre+).

    In any case, to each his own. If you are satisfied with the device, that's all that matters.
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    Falcon my GPS for the BB actually worked very well. I really miss it on my pre. All in all it was a nice phone. The trackball did quit working a few times, but went to the VZW store and they gave me 2 or 3 at a time so I could have backups. I would go back to it if my pre broke in a heart beat.
  6. #6 and my wife both got one at the same time (Alltel at the time) and neither one would work. Looked on-line and that was a common complaint. We bought ours in December of 08 just 2 weeks before Palm finally dropped a phone I wanted on us ( say the least). Surprised yours worked, but that seems to be one of those things when Verizon starts messing around with things like GPS.
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    My girlfriend's sister has an 8330. It was the first BB I ever toyed with personally and I hated it. This was before the Pre/Pixi release, while I was still using my Samsung Instinct.

    Then I bought my Palm when it released. Amazing. Especially compared to the 8330. Especially-er compared to my Instinct. Wow.

    Then a co-worker shows up with the new Blackberry Bold last year. I thought to myself, this here is niiiiiice. And ever since then I've been playing with the idea of switching to a BB myself.

    Then 2.0, I put my girlfriend on my family plan and get her the BB Curve 3G (9300 I think). As soon as it arrives I take it and mess around with it for the first day to set everything up for her. I loved it and hated it.

    There are a lot of great things about the BB that I love, but I can't replace my Pre. Ever.
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    That was basically my experience. There are good things about BB, but it's the little things that make it hard to use as a true PIM, plus the lack of decent games for those moments when you are stuck somewhere and want time to pass quickly. After a while, all the little things just got to the point that I stopped using the Curve for my core purpose and it wasn't very good at browsing or games, so when a deal on the Pre+ happened on Verizon, and they offered me early upgrade eligibility, I jumped. The wife didn' a 8530 Curve, and she doesn't like. Tinny sound. Very cheap feeling. While it is faster, the new icon scheme, in my opinion, is more difficult to pick out applications using. She's now bugging me about an iPhone or Android because she "thinks" she wants a slab. I think she would hate the virtual keyboard and wouldn't like the complexity of Android. Been trying to convince her to try the Pixi+ (overclocked and tweaked, of course) but she wants a bigger screen.

    It would take a revelation in the way BB's work to get me to switch back. Once you go webOS, it's just so hard to find something that truly compares.
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    what I'm tryin to figure out is how to send an sms pressing the enter key only!.. In the pre is easy just with the enter!
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    Blackberry and Palm is sort of similar, in a sense that they are both PDA style phones. I would have to give the upper hand to Blackberry a couple of years ago, but Palm is stepping up their game.
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