OK, I posted this on AC, and got zero responses (as of 4 days since the original post), so I thought maybe someone would respond here...

I'm being dragged kicking and screaming over to Android from webOS. I'm still using webOS, and my wife has a Samsung Epic I'm using her phone as a test bed for my eventual migration to Android from webOS (unless something dramatic happens this summer).

I'm running a lot of stuff on my webOS device, including a handy application called P2Snippets. With P2Snippets I can create little blocks of text, and embedded in those blocks are variables representing date, time, and up to three variables that I can specify.

I use it extensively -- probably up to 60 times per day. Here's an example of how I use it. I create a journal entry daily, and every time I create a new one, it inserts today's day, date and current time. I tap on that entry, then paste it into a note, then add the text for that day.

I'm having trouble finding anything like that on the Android Market. I found something close, Extreme Notes, but it appears that to use it, I'll have to create and maintain XML templates on my PC and then save them on the SD card. Not exactly user-friendly. I'm exchanging e-mail with the developer to see if that's how he intends for it to be used.

Any ideas or suggestions?