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    Well there's video of the GTab10 in action along with the obligatory iPad2 comparisons. That is one sexy piece of kit. If there were no TPad, I'd get the Transformer, if not that, then the GTab10 would be it. (Thankfully that bizarro world does not exist! *whew* ) And me quote from Engadget...

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    Wow, Sammy just outted the iPad2 for the smaller, fatter, heavier, slower, worse-camera'd device that it really is. Wow. "Down goes Frasier, Down goes Frasier". So with old Jobs mentioning 23,435,567 times how "magically thin" the iPad2 was during the unveiling, I guess this means Sammy has better magicians??
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    Hmmm. Why does the iPad have a case on AND yet it's being compared to the thinness of the Galaxy 10.1????

    Puzzling unless biased review/video. But that's ok/the norm.

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