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    McNamee explained that Apple is currently “killing” the world-wide web with more consumers rapidly adopting iPads and iPhones. He also predicted that Apple will sell nearly 100 million units this year.

    Meanwhile, McNamee said Hewlett-Packard [HPQ 40.36 -0.77 (-1.87%) ] is a “very strong player” in the consumer electronics field. However, he is not a fan of the Android market.
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    May I just say he totally blows. I don't believe a word that dribbles out of his mouth, ever.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Can't say i disagree with any of his comments here. This isn't him promoting webOS with some overzealous comments.
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    I think he was spot on...Apple will continue to succeed and Google will continue successfully while hitting bumps in the road caused by their fragmentation, lack of security, and lack of control leaving almost all hardware to 3rd party developers. My wife's Nook Color has been hacked and reports over 15 security holes from this hack alone. For us, until B&N have something better, we'll live with the problems, but that doesn't mean we like having all of our data released to the wild day in and day out.

    When it comes to Palm (HP now - his words), webOS was indeed created with the web in mind and HP does have a great opportunity to build and develop a platform everyone (users, developers, business, etc) can succeed in. The key words for me were when Roger said "if HP can get it out soon enough...they have a compelling product." Sorli...
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    It's interesting to see people like McNamee tout the security benefits of Apple's closed software ecosystem since the mantra up until now has been that open is so much better. Even around here people are wanting to know who tests the software in the App Catalog and how enterprise can prevent rogue apps from sending data overseas.

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