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RIM hasn't had 'problems'. The only problem is those governments wanting to look into their people's communications and BlackBerry being too secure for them to be able to do that. The question was done in some sort of suggestive way like RIM has had security breaches or something like that which is obviously offensive. Their security is rock solid, it's one of the key assets of RIM.

There was no way for him to answer this question because as said, RIM doesn't have security 'problems' and obviously he doesn't want to **** off those governments either by going on the record saying that those very governments are the problem.

I suppose ending the interview wasn't the most professional thing to do but this was an ******* question to ask. Nothing 'legitimate' about it. The interviewer knew very well that there's no way to answer that question without either causing trouble or making his own company look bad while there's nothing bad about it (in this area anyway).
In my opinion, the problem is with the security issue or the question but how Mike handled the situation. I had no idea what happened, but watching the interview to me it looked like Mike new there was a problem and didn't want the spotlight to be on that. Then got mad and ended the interview, very unprofessional. However, as you explained, the problem isn't a security problem and more like a national security issue and has nothing to do with RIM. He handled this wrong and makes RIM look worse then it really is.