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    I just hope that they launch this soon and roll out the google voice integration on the same day. I'll be staying with my Pre 2 (trying to get it Sprintified!) but am looking forward to using gvoice more easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    I had no idea you could gather my entire knowledge of the Echo by 3 words but w/e. Any chance you have next weeks lotto numbers handy?

    My initial thoughts are the same now as they were back in february when the device was announced, the engadget review does not change what the phone is. Its going to fail, maybe not kin fail but they will be neighbors in the neighborhood of failed devices.
    And why will it fail? Remember people thought the DS would fail? That didn't happen even though the PSP was a superior product...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    Eh...i think that criteria is a bit overrated at this point.

    Updates that Google makes moving forward are going to be less ground breaking than say, Froyo was. Most of it is going to be background stuff that apps probably won't take advantage of until that update is on most phones anyway. Additionally, if the concern of "bloatware" or HAVING to be on the latest build are a true concern....i'd recommend just'll be happier anyway.

    While the Galaxy S is real nice, its outdated already hardware wise, and that to me is a reason i don't think I could get it at the price they are asking.
    You pay way more attention and know more than I do, but I'm still not entirely convinced of the sentence in bold. The only thing we've really seen since Duarte's been on board on board is honey comb. I'm interested in seeing what comes to handsets.

    Love webOS to death and don't plan on switching, but I'll definitely be paying more attention to newer Android iterations in the future...
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    Thats a good point.
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    its been more than 2 days
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    I was at a Best Buy over the weekend and all they would say was that it was launching this month. They did have a demo phone on Verizon (I think that's what he said) that he took out from under the cabinet and let me play with. If the Palm 3 doesn't make it's way to Sprint, the Nexus S will probably be where I head. It seems Android supports more things that I need to do. My online banking site doesn't work with the browser on my Pre but it does work on the my wife's Hero.
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    May 8th. $200.

    (according to Gizmodo)!5795711/nexus-s...n-sprint-may-8
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    Yep, just got email from Sprint saying 5/8
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    Sprint | URL Request

    How many OG Pre guys will be jumping ship??

    this is the only phone that Sprint announced that has me thinking.

    I love the fact that it doesnt have any bloatware on it, just plain android
    There are a lot of good things about the Nexus S but I won't be jumping to it anytime soon. Of course, I am not a OG Pre owner. But I won't be going to Nexus. Either Windows Phone 7, EVO3D, or Pre 3/Stingray for me.
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    I would have a hard time leaving my EVO for a Nexus S 4G. The issue of bloatware is pretty minimal when it comes to HTC in my opinion and the HTC keyboard with their long-press alternate keys is so much better than the Samsung or Google stock keyboards...that alone would make it hard to leave for the amount of long work emails that I do. HTC just makes some solid phones these days and the OG EVO is hard to beat after this amount of time on the market when it comes down to day to day use. Sure, the EVO 3D and Nexus S 4G will beat it on some of the bench test shown above, but in day to day use the EVO is so fast and fluid that it makes no difference. It never lags or locks up, the call reception is ridiculously better than any other phone I've tried (another reason I'd be hard pressed to leave it). The battery has been so much better than what I expected. My wife had a Pre that (replaced twice) we both loved for the OS, but the call reception was awful compared to the EVO (which she also has now), the battery issues aren't even worth mentioning, and it would continually hang or freeze.

    We both would love to have a fast and reliable WebOS phone, maybe the Pre3 will be that if it performs as advertised, but the signal quality of an EVO and the battery life you get with it doing so much...we're not itching to leave any time soon.

    If you haven't tried an EVO for a few weeks, I'm afraid you don't know what you may be missing. Hopefully the Pre3 and other unannounced WebOS devices will pull through with great battery life and much improved signal reception.

    Oh, and one more thing about the Nexus S 4G, doesn't it lack a notification light? How is it even possible that you could leave that off a new device? Really??

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    Hey you now get to GCHAT and Video Chat through GCHAT through your Nexus S on wifi or cell radio...

    Thats hard to beat
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    when the nexus s was released in december i knew i wanted one, i'm definitely getting the s 4g, may 8th can't come soon enough
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