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    I've been checking,, and for the evo to jump back to $99 for the past 2 months. Just last night I looked and ALL including has NO evos in stock! Why all of a sudden all at once? Anyone know why? I know the evo3D doesn't come out till summer....
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    Everyone is constantly out of EVOs. They are constantly out of stock everywhere.
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    Yup...When i got mine in August it was pure luck of just stopping in Radio Shack haha.

    I see A LOT of Evo's on the subways here in NYC. Pretty much iPhones, Evo's, Incredibles....a few galaxy's here and there, and then a few blackberry's.
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    Call around to your local Best Buy and Sprint stores and see who has the EVO in stock. They are all still on an allocation. I am told that nationally it is only 100,000 a week. So it can be hard to find one.

    Befriend the local Best Buy Mobile Managers. Ask if you can give them your number for the next time some come in. Each store only gets about a dozen a week.

    In a week or so you should be able to get one.
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    Its amazing that a year later the evo is still so hard to get. Forgeting the OS its a pretty good phone. Been very happy with it . Never see it in stock when I go to my local Sprint Stores.
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    The Sprint store in my neck of the woods (Seattle) has had them in the store for awhile...I was at my local store last week replacing my wifes phone and they were trying to force the Evo and the Epic on me...

    but it is nice to see it still selling well...wish it was $99

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