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    Quote Originally Posted by Suntan View Post
    Actually it does. At least to me.

    I’d gladly give up a little software polish for a netbook that gets 16 hours of battery life plus the ability to pull the screen off and use as a tablet.

    Say what you want about android, ASUS, whatever. That transformer is a much more appealing option to me than the touchpad or the ipad.

    In any case, my biggest gripe with the touchpad and ipad is the 4x3 aspect ratio display. Personally, I prefer the 16x10 ratio of the androids. Personal preference of course, but when using the things, it is something I found pretty quickly. I'd encourage everyone to make their buying decisions based on similar, real world evaluations of the options. Instead of just blind dogma.

    You're missing my point.

    What good is 16-hour battery life, a detachable screen, etc. etc. if you're not particularly enjoying the experience delivered?

    All these companies are trying to sell on specs and novelties that apply only to a small subset of people. But to each their own, it's not for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    The more I read about the Transform the more I think that there is just no way that the keyboard is included.

    At $399 PLUS the keyboard it is a bargain. Provided of course they do not pull a Motorola and price the keyboard at $500 like the Atrix.

    Even thought the website says that the keyboard is included, I just can't imagine how that is possible for $399.
    YES! ASUS Eee Pad Transformer coming at the end of this month: $399 for 16GB, $149 for the dock

    $149 for the dock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    You're missing my point.
    No. You’re intentionally arguing an invalid point.

    I purchased and used the Xoom for the better part of 2 weeks. I enjoyed the experience very much, even though it still has a couple of warts. The only thing that made me return the Xoom was the desire to wait and try out the Transformer. Yes, I’d prefer having a 16x10 tablet, running WebOS, with all the applications available on Android, but that isn’t available. Given what is available, I’d rather switch to android as the better option until HP has something more appealing to me.

    IMO, Honeycomb isn’t as bad as you’d like everyone to believe. It has a number of features that were obviously pulled pretty much straight from webOS and it looks like they will be continuing that trend.

    As for price, I don’t think it will be available for $400 with the dock. At the same time, most of the current pricing rumors out there are just taking the UK pricing and converting it to US dollars. Which is never what ends up happening. The reality is we don’t know what it will cost until it is announced. $500 for the tablet and dock would make me really happy. $550 for both would be fine. $600 would be ok too. $650 would be less than ideal for me, but I’d likely still get them.

    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    All these companies are trying to sell on specs and novelties that apply only to a small subset of people.
    Beats Audio, Touch to Share, Touchstone Charging, etc. etc. Like HP isn’t doing the exact same thing?

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    ASUS makes good stuff, stretches the status quo. I'm more excited about the webOS world, but I'm interested in seeing what ASUS and others come up's a wild ride, I hope I have the cash to buy a ticket when the time comes to make a choice!
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    With so many android tablets coming to market, it makes me wonder how any one manufacturer can make money when there is so much competition within the same OS. Any Apple fan will buy an ipad, any WebOS fan will soon buy a TP, any android fan will buy a motorola, nook, asus, samsung, etc. This fragmentation alone would make it difficult to compete in the android OS tablet market. I think the vast variety of android tablets is hurting, not helping the android tablet market... or at least the individual manufacturers. Since they are all running pretty much the same OS, they can only stand out of the crowd with different minor spec increases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    Since they are all running pretty much the same OS, they can only stand out of the crowd with different minor spec increases.
    How’s it any different than the PC industry for the last 20 years?

    Seems they have been eeking by in that industry.

    As for Android being a negative… it really depends on your business model. Asus and Acer are set to release tablets into this market at or before the time HP does. But they didn’t have to pony up $1,000,000,000 to get an OS, and they already have significant application infrastructure available to drive demand for the product.

    Maybe it makes sense for HP to go it alone, but these smaller players (or big players that are widely diversified, like Toshiba, Sony, LG, etc.) would never be able to compete.

    If you think Android fosters fragmentation, just imagine what the store isle would look like if each company decided to make their own OS for these things…

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