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    I may not be the average "Joe" but price has little to do with it for me.
    It's about apps. While I would rather be able to customeize my tablet more, I can 't get past the number of apps available on ipad right now. If the touch pad can catch up I will be on board for Touch Pad 2.
    (ipad wifi>ipad 3G>ipad 2 on order) I hope to work on becoming a Web OS developer but right now I need functionality.
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    Good point, now you're talking...

    Quote Originally Posted by IGNTNUNLMTD View Post
    I knew from day one that Motorola, no matter how hard they try, can't produce a seriously quality experience. The Xoom feels cheap and unfinished overall, and no amount of advertising will change that.

    This is why I don't mind HP/Palm taking their time.

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    No matter how much you all want to cut down on the Xoom, the Touchpad isn't going to fair any better. I have a Xoom, and its great for what it is. I plan on getting a Touchpad as well when they're released, but I really believe that HP is on no ones radar. Motorola has been out and about proving themselves all over again with the Droid and so on. HP/Palm? Nothing, they came way late to the party and won't differentiate themselves enough. Like it or not, tablets have become a Apple society. I'd love to be wrong, but I dont see HP/Palm making any impact in the smartphone or the tablet sectors.
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    I disagree wity anyone calling it a "failure"..

    Sure, compared to the iPad and iPad 2, it has not succeeded well in the market, but, 100,000 $700 devices in a month is anything but a failure.

    Untidy made an important suggestion above that was, IMO, very insightful:

    Perhaps there really is no "pad" market, but, its REALLY just an iPAD market??

    If that is the case (and, argue all you want, but, stats will determine that statement to be correct or not, in time), no device, no matter how good it is, will enjoy the success that the iPad will, because: its just NOT an iPad.

    The Apple faithful who post here always tried to argue that it was the quailty of the device that people like, and not some sort of "phan-boyism".. but, what if its really all about buying an Apple product is being cool and "in", and anything else, even if it does some things just as good and other things even better, is just percieved by the consumer as a "wannabe"?

    One guy bought a woman's spot in line for the iPad2 last month for $900 cash, and THEN paid full retail for the iPad 2 when he got into the store. True story, and there are more.

    Just saying... Untidy's point above is way more insightful than most would think, IMO.

    That doesnt mean all other pads are failures.. if they make money, they arent failing.. if the Xoom sold 100,000 devices at MSRP, you know they made a good profit on it.

    We'll see how the TP fares.. obviously, there are many WebOS faithful that will buy one.. with about 3million WebOS users, if only 25% (750,000) buy a TouchPad when it is released, is that a failure, too, because its not the millions of purchases that the iPad and iPad2 has seen?

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by guinny1759 View Post
    Actually, it's $800 without a contract or 1 year plan, as low as $600 with a 2 year deal.

    I never considered the Xoom, as I already have a Pre Plus on Verizon, and therefore free mobile hotspot. Add in that Honeycomb is half-baked, doesn't have Flash yet, micro SD slot doesn't work yet, the cameras are garbage, and all tablets are glorified netbooks, I will not pay more that $600 for one, and would only get one because they offer a fair amount of features, and their battery life beats the pants off my netbook (which I still like, but the Atom is a poor CPU).

    I'm either going to get a Nook Color, for the price/hackability, or an iPad 2, because Apple does the best job at the OS, apps, design, battery life, etc IMO.

    Jury is still out on the Touchpad, but given how they've treated WebOS updates, HW, length between announcements and shipping products, I'm not hopeful.

    Let me tell you a bit about what I have in my pocket. I own a Palm pre minus on sprint, I moved to an evo, then to an epic then I moved to verizon iPhone. The iphone is my worst purchase. Having different operating systems has been good for me because it has taught me what good design really is. Apple's iOS is far from it. Yeah it has good battery life, but that's about it. The system itself I horrible and a pain to use. It is slow, and there are many many things in it that make me say "who the heck thought of that???"

    I was seconds away from purchasing an ipad. Let me tell you I am very glad I didn't and i got the xoom instead. Much more functionality out of the xoom than i can get out of the I pad. Even with the apps on apple's side.
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    100K units for something with that high of a msrp is a really good number. If you compare it to iPad it doesnt stand a chance, as a matter of fact none of the new tablets stand a chance to iPad at least in their first gen cycle.

    If HP sells as much as Xoom or a bit more it will be a milestone!
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    The thing is even if the Xoom only sells 100k (which in my mind is still a lot, just not as many as the ipad or suprisingly the galaxy tab) Google will have an army of other Honeycomb tablets lined up to take its place, and it doesnt matter if they only sell 100k each as well because there will be quite literally thousands of the damn things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Well if they spent $50 million on development and $50 million on an ad campaign then if they sell 200 thousand units they need $500 of profit per device to break even so a few hundred thousand units isn't going to break even. I'll bet they need to sell at least a million to break even, probably much more. The bigger failure, though is for the user who has little hope of any custom peripherals or custom apps for a device with such small market share.
    You'd be right if they spent anywhere near as much as the above; for these devices, which really arent a new technology (they are migrations of existing ones) and have had no real national advertising campaigns, I'd venture to say that your projected numbers are multiples higher than the actual costs... never-the-less...

    100,000 in a month is a great number for most devices.. that monthly rate provides a 1m+ yearly sales figure (although, I am sure it will taper off sginficiantly).

    The Kin sold about 300 or 400 in total.. now THAT was a failure... the Xoom is a far cry from that.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    These newbie tech writers are drinking Apple kool-aid.

    The article says there were 100 000 XOOMs sold so far. Even if Moto makes a dollar profit on each one of these its 100K profit. Why would that be a flop. Looks like the definition of "flop" needs to be updated in wikipedia.
    Because $100k profit isn't going to foot the bill for future innovation, payroll, manufacturing, etc. You have to maintain a certain level of profitability to continue to go forward.
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    The tablet market is a accessory, not a mainstream imho. I don't feel the "pc" will change for awhile to come. Tablet's won't go away just as much as 3d tv's wont.

    Am I in the market for a touchpad? Not really, I wouldn't ever use it. Will the touchpad be a great product. Sure. But I don't need it.

    They are pricing these things way out of their market. If they were to take off, they need to be cheaper then the iPad. The iPad is the exception in the game as much as the iPhone and iTouch are. They are apple products, its cool to own a apple product. Apple has the simpleton market captured. For the advance user such as myself, its just a toy.

    There's only soo many smartphones, netbooks, laptops, and tablets I need when most of not all can be portable and do the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by estebancam View Post
    Apple's iOS is far from it. Yeah it has good battery life, but that's about it. The system itself I horrible and a pain to use. It is slow, and there are many many things in it that make me say "who the heck thought of that???"
    Yep, millions and millions and millions of IOS users feel the same way. Small stone being thrown into an ocean of IOS.

    Unfortanately for Motorola, the 150/200 people standing at the Fifth Ave store everyday last week (except Monday) at 4:00 AM didn't get the memo on the Xoom.

    IOS in and of itself is not the market leader, yet for some reason it always the standard by which others are compared.

    Nevertheless, we need more market leaders in the tablet game, like having Xoom and Touchpad in the mix. It will probably filter down to 3 companies, Samsung, HP and Apple.

    I'd rather have good options in all three OSes, but my next tablet will be from HP. A slab webos phone would be the only device that I would consider leaving iPhone for.
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