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    Could apple failing to launch an iphone 5 mean HP now has a window of amazing opportunity to hit the market hard with the Pre3.

    I think so, I think apple's stumble could be of huge benefit if they get their marketing machines rolling and the devices out, strike while the iron is hot as the saying goes. I know more than a fee people who's iphone actually comes up for upgrade/ending this summer and now that there will not be a new iphone the pre3 is going to look awfully shiny

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    Everyone said the iPad2 wouldnt ship for month and they released it 1 week after announcement.

    iPhone 5 will be here. Bank on it
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    No iPhone 5 at WWDC this year? That's how it looks from here -- Engadget

    Looks like it is a possibility. If this ends up being true, it would be an amazing opportunity for the Pre 3 to shine, let's just hope HP releases the Pre 3 at the beginning of the summer, and not the end. If they release the Pre 3 at the end of the summer, it would be a wasted opportunity.
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    Do you really think iPhone user will get pre3? If they are going to change, it will be android phones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by passlogix View Post
    Do you really think iPhone user will get pre3? If they are going to change, it will be android phones.

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    New iPhone users no.. But many, NOT hardcore fans of apple will look to something different after around 2 - 2.5 years after jymping on the bandwagon

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    I honestly that webos can be made appealing to ex-iphone users, it is however up to hp to make the case for it.

    Beside android has never really appealed to me, the widgets just look messy in the end

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    No iphone will help hp, but can they outshine the slew of android devices coming this summer?
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    Great post! Can we make this a campaign? Cause for @Releasemypre?
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    Even if just a fraction (100,00 users) of iOS jump ship to webOS , HP will have gained tremendously

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    Who says the iPhone user has to leave? How about those people simply in the market for a new phone by summer? Huge opportunity for HP if there is 1 less GIANT competitor at the same time.
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    I don't think iPhone users will jump ship, but every year people buy new phones. And when the iPhone not releasing new hardware you gatta wonder what those new phone buyers will think. Buy an iPhone 4 and be signed on a two year contract or buy an HP phone that was has newer hardware? And if there is no new iPhone I doubt Apple will announce NFC ... How can they when it's not in their phone?
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    The number of feature phones still out in the market is massive. The market is still not at the point where HP must steal users from other platforms in order to gain market share. Instead of trying to convince people to a platform in which they have already invested, HP should take a good aim at those looking to make the move from feature phone to smartphone. Yes, some may already have an iPod touch and be invested in iOS, but there are still plenty of people who are not in that camp. HP needs to get people on the platform, and having a phone that is easy to use and highly accessible to first time smartphone users should part of the equation.

    Apple had the luxury of an existing base loyal to the brand and totally accepting of the high costs to be associated with the brand. HP does not have this. They need to follow more the Android model and just get the platform out, in front of people and ultimately in their pockets. Once there is a sizable base it becomes easier to justify development. HP offering to help big name developers will also help those who are looking for standard features. The reality is that for many people they want a phone that they can say is "like an iPhone" (but without the device and plan costs) and HP should not be proud to fill that slot.
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    nothing more then wishful thinking. Apple won't fail to release an iphone 5, won't fail to release ios 5, and iphone users don't want a pre because pres don't have nearly the wealth apps and Pre's are a form factory they don't want.
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    'form factory'...did you type that on a Pre keyboard or a virtual iPhone keyboard?

    Except for a few apps like an Office productivity suite, I'm covered for what I want & need. Oh, there will be a game here or there that I might want, but I feel pretty well covered, both in form 'factor' & apps.

    I think you can be satisfied with 10 to 20,000 apps, so while webOS has a way to go, I sure don't need to wade through over 100,000 and more.
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    I think we're assuming a bit much. I still expect an iphone 5 released in jun/jul regardless of rumors. But you can bet once iOS 5 is announced and previewed, it will only take a month at most to preview the new iphone. They will not release iOS 5 without new phone hardware or vice versa.

    Besides, HP looks to be going after business users or execs. HP needs a solid marketing campaign regardless of who does what. Anything like the Pre 2 and it's toast. Even then , this isn't the form factor that will pull in big numbers like a slab would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lazyboy97o View Post
    The number of feature phones still out in the market is massive. The market is still not at the point where HP must steal users from other platforms in order to gain market share. Instead of trying to convince people to a platform in which they have already invested, HP should take a good aim at those looking to make the move from feature phone to smartphone.
    Anecdote time. I was on the bus the other day, and a group of 12 year old girls were gushing over a phone. I went over and looked to see what it was. I knew there were some kids in the back of the bus with expensive smartphones, so I expected the oohing and ahhing to be over a Droid X or Evo. But no. The kid with the iPhone 4 was completely ignored for another kid with... get this... his Microsoft Kin One.
    Why did people like it? They didn't care about the specs, screen size, or app catalog compatability. They didn't care that it was reportedly the worst phone ever. It was getting passed from hand to hand because it was 'adorable'.
    If the Kin One can endear a group of 12 year olds, imagine what the Veer could do, given the right marketing strategies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yougotnoidea View Post
    If true, does that mean we'll go from being a 3% marketshare to ..... what? ... 3.3% marketshare? 10% growth only really means something after you've established a healthy, thriving base. But, growth is growth in some form or fashion, I guess.
    It's a reboot. In year one, i wouldn't expect much growth. To me, the bigger priority is just getting some devices launched so they can move the platform along.

    Anyone expecting a big instant share of the market, spike, or that keeps comparing to iOS or android numbers is going to be disappointed.

    If success comes at all, it will be when HP is in fact releasing devices every other month and flooding the market with various devices & form factors. This will take awhile to get to if possible.

    The problem is that people want it all right now. They want instant gratification. They want to look at the OS wars and see similar numbers right now. They want apps now. If they don't have apple like sales in first 3 months, people will chime in that its a fail.

    HP can get through the growing pains and even make mistakes. But they have to be committed long term. I do question this commitment when they got this little thing called windows and Leo stating they will ship windows tablets if the right version comes along. Besides, Leo wasn't there when they got Palm. He can get away with dumping it later if he feels any pressure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    I don't buy the false choice being set up here: either buy an iPhone 5 in June, or a Pre 3. For those who want an iPhone, you are forgetting the main choice: wait for the iPhone 5. Also, for newbies who are not invested in anything, I can almost guarantee that if the iPhone 5 is delayed, you will see a $99 iPhone 4. Done.
    Not to mention a white iphone 4 to fill the void. There might actually be lines for that though i wouldn't be interested at all.
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    ios5 can fill that void for a little if it is really is revamped as rumors say.
    new notifications and swipes... geez just let me change my text and emails sounds and that will make me happy for a few more months

    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Fair enough. But let's be clear; I didn't suggest the Pre 3 didn't stand a chance. Of course it does. I am simply suggesting that a slightly delayed iPhone 5 is not equivalent to an opening for the Pre 3. It will have to make it on its merits, not on the fact that the phone people really want is a few weeks delayed.

    The "less competition is better for the P3" is diametrically opposed to the "more competition is better for everyone" mantra that is usually chanted these days. Of course the P3 will sell a few units to someone for some reason. They would buy the P3 regardless of the iPhone 5. The iPhone is not for everyone. I don't think one has much to do with the other in the market of people looking to buy a smartphone. If they want an iPhone 5, they will wait for it. If not, they will still have to trip over a dozen new Android and WP7 phones to get to the Pre 3. There will not be a lack of competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deihmos View Post
    I can't see why any iphone user will leave for a palm pre that is struggling in the app department
    Maybe this is crazy, but given this situation would it be possible for HP to get data on the top X-hundred iOS apps, and then offer incentives, first to devs and then to users? To devs to port to webOS, to users to give them an inexpensive way to get the webOS version on a pre3? I think this could be key. 99 cents or not, people have both a financial and mental investment in iOS apps, and asking them to shell out full price for another platform won't fly, IMHO. If you could offer half-price versions of the top 200 iOS apps, you'd really have something, presuming you can sell people on the webOS user experience . . . but that's another thread.

    Why not use the detailed picture of the handheld market so nicely provided by the Apple App store to our advantage?
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