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    I've been off since Feb 2010. I bought launch day returned within a month and bought three months later. Don't ask me how.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I agree that there's a small window of opportunity there. But there's a few things they HAVE to do, or it'll be all for nothing.
    1) Make it cool. HP marketing would have to step up BIG time. People bought the iPhone cause it was the cool thing.
    2) Release it to EVERY carrier. Samsung hit a home run with the Galaxy S series for that very reason.
    3) APPS, APPS, APPS...The app catalog HAS to grow, even if HP has to make the damned apps themselves. HP HAS to do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, to bring the major developers to the table.
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    <<Thread moved>>
    Since this thread is about Other Handhelds, and not necessarily specific to the Pre 3 or Veer, it should be in the Other Handhelds forum.
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    I do agree that many iPhone 4 users would consider anything that does not come from Apple a downgrade.

    The opportunity is not in converting the 100M iPhone users but in capturing the 5.2 B dumbphone users who will eventually upgrade to a smartphone.

    94% of the dumbphone market is still up for grabs as they convert to smartphones. Historically these customers are looking for easy to use and cheap (nearly free on contract). Even the critics admit that webOS is amazingly easy to learn and use.

    The question is will HP have the price-points.

    The big change in Android phones this year is not that there are two-dozen bleeding edge phones coming out. The change is that there are 100 new mid-market and low-end phones being introduced specifically for those markets. The Cricket Zio at $149 off-contract better defines the trend than the Atrix or EVO 3D.
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    if there is no new iphone 5 announced in june to generate a new frenzy, i would definitely use that lull to release and not have anyone taking your steam away for a while.

    what hp needs to do is do an all out media blitz just like Motorola did with the Droid. HP definitely as much money to throw into it than Motorola/Google did. That media campaign was insane... TV, radio, magazine, newpaper, billboards... every website you hit you saw the ad (on Pre's website!!)... it was insane. And that really helped jumpstart Android. HP needs to do that and no less.

    The phone will have to be close to perfect though with all the competition out there. Will be an interesting summer.
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