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    Contract ran up with sprint back in October and decided to Join up with t mobile since they have great coverage in my area. Got a Samsug vibrant for free(best buy free phone Fridays) and used it for a month before I wanted to tear it apart! Screen was amazing but that's it. Phone lagged,horrible battery life, ect. I honestly only miss the screen and live wallpapers lol. Then used a blackberry bold 9700 after that mainly because it was white(fave color) I had never used a blackberry other than a curve which sucked! And it was a decent phone, good camera and pretty laid back OS apps were alright nothing stunner or anything I sold it to get a G2 since I wanted to try out "4G". I saw a major diffrence between the vibrant and g2, G2 didn't lag at ALL and was very nice. Once I heard that att was buying t mobile I put my phone for sale and bought an unlocked iphone3gs(white<3) till the merger goes through which I'm sure it will.
    4 phones in 6 months and i still miss my pixi that's in my drawer. shows how commited I am to Palm haha.
    I hope HP brings some love to ATT and gives us the pre3 as well as bringing it to sprint.
    Palm Fan B0y OUTTA Hereee!
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    so the best ad campaign palm ever did was to let people use other phones
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    yup, my first smartphone was the origional storm, then i got the pre +, dropped it in the toilet, got a g'zone1, then a samsung omnia, and back to pre +. in the 6-7 monthes between my to pre pluses, i really missed the phone. i really wanted to get another one. nothing else really compares. i cant stand the interface of android, i cant stand the "my way or the highway"ness of apple, bbos sucks. my mother has a bold 9650 with 6.x on it and it blows chunks. ive played with my sisters itouch and not that impressed. its cool, but leaves me with the feeling of meh. she also has a droid 2 and thats most of my android experience. havent played with windows mobile 7, so cant comment on it. i just cant see getting another os that isnt at or above the webos experience. which only wm7 may be. oh and now ive got the pre 2. and love it.
    samsung i730 - blackberry storm- palm pre plus - samsung omnia - palm pre plus - palm pre 2 - ????

    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.
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    I feel the same way, I should have never been enthralled by iPhone 4...

    It was December, 14 months into my Spint Pre- contract, and even with a $150 dollar phone upgrade, I payed the $175 termination fee, and I left.

    Now I'm in 3 months into my capped At&t Contract, and I wish I'd never left. Because every month that I've had service, I've had to pay $10-30 dollars in overages! Not that I'm a data hog or anything, but I'd do ANYTHING to come back. But, my mother won't pay anymore ETF's...

    First I was on AT&T with the i3G S, then it was stolen from me, so, I payed the AT&T ETF, and moved to my beloved Sprint, and the Palm PrPrPr&#$275$;, $but$ $after$ $14$ $months$ $and$ $my$ $5th$ $replacement$ $Pr$&#$275$;, ($while$ $two$ $were$ $of$ $my$ $own$ $fault$ $due$ $to$ $water$ $damage$, $singing$ $in$ $the$ $shower$, $and$ $all$ !! )

    I love WebOS, and in the Seattle area, I've been fortunate enough to have seen 5 Palm Pre's in the wild. But none from AT&T, or Verizon. All on Sprint. Which attests to Verizons, and AT&T's lack of push with WebOS devices...

    I've also gotten 3 of my family members to commit to the Palm PrPrPr&#$275$; $3$.

    So give me some kudos!
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    I know exactly 3 people with Pres, counting myself... one on each carrier.

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