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Verizon Wireless will be getting Xperia Play In May (Rumour)

Heaven4Geeks: Verizon Wireless will be getting Xperia Play In May (Rumour)

If the latest rumours stemming from CTIA 2011 are correct, then the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play may finally be coming to the U.S. on late May. As you already know, and as has been the case lately, Sony has delayed yet another phone well beyond its due time. When the Xperia Play finally make it to the market, it will probably be competing with a new iPhone and letīs not mention the pile of 3D Android phones that are on the way. Of course, we wonīt say they have completely lost their chance, but they have certainly taken all the time in the world to get this product out.

CNET reports have found that Verizon Wireless will not list the Xperia Play until "late next month or early May," while Rogers in Canada is supposedly scheduled to get it on April 14th.

The Verizon version of this phone is largely similar to the standard version, with the difference that Verizon Wireless will include the Android Kindle app, VZ Navigator, Skype Mobile and VCast App Store. Xperia Playwill also ship with a half-dozen pre-installed gaming titles such as: Asphalt 6: Adrenalina, Star Battalion, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Madden NFL '11, The Sims 3 and Tetris.