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    i've had the epic for a week now, and i'm definaely anxious to get back to webOS. its a solidly built device, but i have a few issues. first, having a landscape keyboard seemed nice at the time, but i miss being able to use my keyboard w/ one hand. secondly, i'm having more applications crash on my epic than i've ever had tmc errors on my pre. finally the multitasking solution is inadequate. sometimes when i switch back to an app its just how i left it. other times it reloads when i access it. sometimes it has removed itself from my 'recent' list. sometimes they crash in the background.

    another big issue is that occasionally the back button has a mind of its own, making the phone pretty useless.

    flash audio works like a dream, but the few flash video's i've tried to run ran like they did on my pre-. oh yeah, and it places my text messages out of order...

    dont get me wrong, i like the device, but i dont find android very appealing at all.
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    Issues you explained above are of no problem with my Evo....i suspect its more the phone and less the OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikehollihan View Post
    I had all three :-) I'm currently using the epic. I'm going to get the Pre 3 if and when it comes out on Sprint. I will sell my Epic to do so. The WebOS operating is by far the best. The Epic and Evo have great hardware. The difference between the two is the Epic has a hard Keyboard and the Evo does not. The thing that drives me nuts about these two Android devices is the software. It is so unstable. I'm constantly resetting it. With the Pre I never was. That is why I'm going back. I'm also going back because of the beauty of the multitasking on the Pre. I hope this helps !
    This pretty much says everything I have to say on the subject too... Ive had all three... and am back with my Pre (didnt switch by choice to begin with though... I would have happily stayed with my pre) at any rate, the camera is really nice on the epic, and swype is FANTASTIC on the epic, not so great on the evo... hardware wise both phones are nice... but the software crashes constantly... I was being forced to pull the battery multiple times a day because they would both lock up or crash completely while riding around in my pocket not being used. The epic was easily the worst of the two.

    Tethering work OK... I wont give it more than that... even when I was running on 4g in Los Angeles I was still getting ridiculously poor rates on tether... not sure why but I did try a couple different tether programs with the same result...

    Not sure what else to say... I was miserable with both android phones... not because I couldnt figure out how to use them or the phones themselves were crap... it was just the OS... it was so buggy it really really detracted from the experience.
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    thanks guys- i'm fairly certain i'm going with the nexus... just hope its not a long wait!
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    me too
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