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    Let's try this with a little less

    Please keep it civil guys.


    Just call me Berd.
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    no issues with my daughters ipad2.
    we'll see when mine comes in a few weeks.
    i imagine a software update will resolve issues like that.
    apple has been pretty good with that in the past.
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    I have heard of reports of the imbedded microphone, on the 3G versions, having a muffled sound. Verizon being worse than ATT. Not reported in Wifi verison.
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    i had read about it too on TAUW but researching it further havent found it a major issue...
    i went ahead and ordered the 32gb 3g ipad2 so i'll have to see how it compares against my daughters wifi only and let ya know.
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    <<<Lot's of posts deleted.>>>

    Well, I guess it just can't be done.

    It just can't be said. It just can't be talked about.

    A little electronic device and all the emotions.


    Just call me Berd.

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