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    My 2 cents, probably unrelated to whats going on in the thread now.

    Ive had the ipad for 5 months now, but i really dont have any interest in upgrading any time soon. I think i prefer ios for a tablet and webos for a phone. Lack of apps make me uninterested in the touchpad, but now because of the ipad, i dont really care for or find myself wanting phone apps, so its fine that the pre doesnt have many in comparison. I was wondering if the amazon mobile app store could expand to webos and blackberry, if amazon would want to, and if hp would let them. If so, amazon could put apps into every os, make thhem more viable, and become the universal app marketplace alternative to ios.

    On the other hand, i like how many available apps apple has in the app store, (and i care about that when it comes to a tablet, now) but it seems like they handicapped their stock apps in order to sell paid apps, or third party apps. the more i try to do with my ipad,the more disapointed i get with apple. Especially sense im using windows 7 instead of osx to sync and get stuff on it. (ive gotten one album from itunes on the ipad. Never again, cant move it anywhere) If there is a small missing feature in stock webos apps, there is usually a patch, and i get behind that community because of it when there is a fund raising drive, or just an awesome patch.

    Im probably not going to jail break my ipad. From what ive read, there isnt that much more u can add to ios wuth a jailbreak compared to patching, and its def not as simple as patching for someone who is only a moderate geek like me. Hp and palm before them get props from me for helping to make that so easy and open for the homebrew comunity. If apple gave that kind of support, im sure the jailbreak community could offer a lot more options.

    And one last thing, i like the ui look and feel of the ipad, but not so much on the iphone. And i think it will be vice versa for webos on a phone and on a tablet. Imo
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    This thread is hopelessly off topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    This thread is hopelessly off topic.

    We tried to steer it back to good.

    Just call me Berd.
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