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    Mobile business has made a interesting comment on the information week article:

    Report: Motorola planning own web-based device OS

    Information Week reports that Motorola Mobility is developing its own device operating system based on web technologies, having hired engineers from Adobe and Apple to work on the project. While the company’s commitment to Android appears not to have wavered, it was suggested that the company is putting in place a plan-b “just in case.”

    By pinning its smartphone strategy on Android, the company is simultaneously increasing its dependence on Google and backing the same horse as rivals including HTC, LG and Samsung. The report notes potential issues for Android including fragmentation, problems in differentiating products, and “issues related to Google's support for its partners.”

    Motorola has something of a chequered history when it comes to smartphone operating systems, having previously attempted to create its own Linux-based OS, Motomagx, which was dropped in favour of Android. It has also offered products powered by Windows Mobile and Symbian OS, and was a licensee of Palm OS some years ago.

    Despite its broad experience with different device platforms, the company failed to generate much headway in the smartphone market until its strategic refocus, which saw Android placed at the centre of its portfolio. In adopting web technologies for its new platform, Motorola would be echoing the strategy of HP/Palm and webOS. The benefit of this approach is that it would provide access to a large potential developer base, which is already familiar with these common technologies.

    Link:Report: Motorola planning own web-based device OS - GSMA Mobile Business Briefing
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