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  • HTC Evo 3D

    61 30.65%
  • HP Pre3

    120 60.30%
  • Other

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  1. Melaza's Avatar
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    If the Pre 3 makes it to Sprint this summer. What phone will you get Evo 3D or Pre3?

    HP Pre 3 Specs

    Sprint - HTC EVO 3D Specs
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    I had an Evo for about a month, but switched back because I did not like android. If the Pre3 does not come to sprint the Evo will most likely be my next phone though . Hopefully either HP or Matis? gets their stuff together and either way I will be happy.
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    I want a webOS phone. Pre3 or whatever is available.
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    I am going to use my upgrade credit on webOS.

    Unfortunately my Frakenpre just started randomly freezing, and I am on a business trip! I found an EVO for $250 strait up. I took the plunge.

    I will have to use it until the the next webOS phone comes to sprint, hopefully its only 4 months...

  5. mike5's Avatar
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    Same as Titan078. I tested the Evo for a month & came back to the Pre, BUT if the Pre 3 doesn't come to Sprint, I will probably jump to Evo 3D. Even though the Evo 3D doesn't have the kickstand! :-) Hopefully, HP & Sprint will come through for us.
  6. eden922's Avatar
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    i have the evo right now and i will be upgrading to the evo 3d for sure. i have had the pre since day one, but after some time with the evo i dont think i could switch back to the pre, everything is so fast with android and the evo
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    answerd your own question? Why woulf any sane person who wants a new high end and capable phone wait on HP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    answerd your own question? Why woulf any sane person who wants a new high end and capable phone wait on HP?
    Because it very well may be the same wait time as for the Evo 3D?
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    HTC hardware looks nice. Don't care too much for the 3D gimmick stuff that still needs lots of work (as shown in the video freezing and needs resetting). However, great hw or not, it's still Android. No thanks. I'll wait to see what the Pre3 does for me. WebOS is still my OS of choice.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    I got an iPad2 through work and am ashamed that ive held onto my WebOS Sprint Frankenpre+ for this long. It works ALWAYS.
    I had a Moto Xoom for a week before the iPad2 and really couldnt adjust from WebOS to Honeycomb.
    The iOS packs a way to use every tool imaginable and makes the device into a tool instead of something I have to perform an operation on (webosdoctor/metadr.) to enjoy. No overclocking and no research required.
    If Sprint doesnt offer a smartphone that will just work and be a tool for professionals (Blackberry isnt really a smartphone imo) then I will be headed elsewhere after 12 years w/ them.
  11. Melaza's Avatar
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    I think I'm getting the Evo 3D and check on HP in a year or two
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    This is actually a tough decision. I shoot a lot of video, and 3D is an area I'd like to get into, so the Evo3D is tantalizing. I use an Evo4G now, so it wouldn't be much of an adjustment.

    That said, well ... like I said, I use an Evo4G now. It's a powerful and useful device, but I miss webOS every day. Android is just too clunky, and I hate the dull slab hardware.

    So it will depend on how well HP has managed to fill the "app gap" between now and then.
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    nexus s 4g
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    Yesterday I felt like if I must move on from webos that the evo 3D would ease the pain. I just played with my wifes Evo 4G and the watched a video of the pre 3 on youtube. I fell in love with webos all over again! I hope sprint gets the pre 3, if not I'll live, but life won't be the same.
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    This is not hard. The Pre 3 is better then the EVO 3D in my opinion. I would buy it over the EVO any day. With that said, I believe the EVO 3D will be the best hardware yet. With the Pre 3 it has great hardware mixed with the best OS for mobile phones. But we might not get this choice
  16. rahrah12's Avatar
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    A lot of it will depend on what releases first...My original Pre is on its last leg...
  17. sjaakb's Avatar
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    I have 3 phones on Sprint and my pre- is ready to give up the ghost (screen crack and poor "radio" inside for mail and webbing).

    I am ready to look @ other carriers and other platforms. HP could surprise us with getting the Pre 3 out faster but Sprint has to be on board. Frankly winning the lottery is more likely.

    HP is losing the OS wars the way they are going about it. no game changing hardware and other OS's are catching up. Apps is another area where it's lacking.
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    Well, since you couldn't pay me to own an Android device, I would have to go with the Pre 3.
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    It's a no brainer fo me, love webOS too much, Pre 3 for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy07 View Post
    Well, since you couldn't pay me to own an Android device, I would have to go with the Pre 3.
    Well, you most certainly COULD pay ME to own an Android device! I might even spend the money I earn to buy a Touchpad to go with my Pre3.
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