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  • Still traumatized by Palm Girl

    27 36.00%
  • I'd avoid a play date with Sony Experia Girl

    11 14.67%
  • I'd run away to Vegas with both

    37 49.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRepublican View Post
    1. I always thought that the whining about the "creepy Palm lady/Borg queen" was just that, whining. Palm's real problem with those commercials was that they never really explained why you would want to use their phone. (The closest they came was the juggling analogy.)
    2. As any Daily Show viewer knows, Kristen Schaal is freakin' adorable! Not creepy at all. I'd strafe with her any day.
    I had always thought the whining WAS about the fail of an advertising job palm did. It was unwritten that when someone said "the palm ads were just creepy" that the subtext was "and it didn't do a damn thing to sell the phone"
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    excellent point!
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