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    The Blackberry Playbook is now available for pre-sale. The release date for the tablet is April 19th.

    16gb - $499
    32gb - $599
    64gb - $699

    Blackerry Playbook Available For Pre-Sale
    Blackberry Palaybook Retail Channels

    It seems that different retail channels have different ship dates on there websites.
    Staples - March 31 - April 11
    BestBuy - April 19
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    mean while touchpad is no where 2 be seen
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    You read that right -- RIM just announced that its forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will support both BlackBerry Java and Android apps. That includes native C/C++ development support, HTML5, Flash and AIR support, not to mention game engines from Ideaworks Labs (AirPlay) and Unity Technologies (Unity 3). That means that you'll have access to to over 200,000 Android apps should you choose to procure one on April 19th, but you'll need to dive into one of two optional "app players" in order to do so.
    RIM adds Android app support to BlackBerry PlayBook -- Engadget

    Well, that's one way of solving the app problem.

    Doesn't this basically make the PlayBook just another Android tablet as far as development is concerned?

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