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    Good discussion article. No real answers (from the blogger), but poses some interesting questions.

    Has Apple’s Brand Reached a Tipping Point? - John Dragoon - The Business of Marketing - Forbes
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    "Beyond the specific merits of Mr. Gralla’s observations (mainly that Jobs made some questionable claims about the significance of the iPad2 while misrepresenting the tablet market more generally) his post got me wondering if there’s a tipping point to Apple’s overwhelming popularity. "

    I think all this means is for a media member or journalist to write yet *another* article about something neat that Apple did is more of the same-old-same-old.

    So you get more views, more dialogue, you get noticed, by being contrary and poking at the current king of the hill.

    Not good or bad, that's just how it goes in the media. One minute the president is the media darling, and can do no wrong - but then that gets boring, and people start writing contrary opinions.

    One minute Lady Gaga is "unusual" and "brave" and "a trail blazer" now you read all the awful stuff about how she hits puppies, simply to provide a contrary view point.

    This won't be won or lost in the media. It will be won or lost in the hands of consumers and what their experience is.
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    hparsons, good find.

    At first I was thinking, Apple might reach a point where they give tips?

    If the tipping point is where you level off, the iPhone hit it in Q3 2010. That was when the impact of 100 stampeding Android phone first really took their toll. Now comes the next round.

    At 80% market-share for iPad, this is by definition the tipping point as 100 tablets stampede them. Unit sales will increase but market share will plummet as the market become over-saturated with an estimated 79 million tablets this year.

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