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    Why is this now HP Palm News? Where is Cross-Platform Forum? I am confused!
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    Staff discussed and saw a need for a change of purpose in this area of our forums.
    Share non-HP Palm device news and facts to compare competing devices. Warning: This is not a place to debate or argue!
    ^ From here:

    We were hoping the direction could be more informative in discussion, rather than the endless circle debates it has often been in the past.

    By the way; Staff would really like to thank everyone for keeping everything constructive and informative in the forums.

    P|C Staff


    A couple thoughts regarding the questions we received regarding this:

    There's a subtle difference between a 'debate' and a 'discussion'.
    A discussion remains civil (no one wins or looses), a debate tries to win!
    That's it, a debate is to argue until one comes off to appear as the winner.
    However; a discussion allows for different views with no one feeling they have to "win."
    When it becomes about winning, the discussion changes tone.
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