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    Tried Android out this evening, and it worked pretty well actually. Even got WiFi working properly.

    What I don't get is why there is no hardware video acceleration? Motorola Droid uses the same OMAP 3430 SoC as the Pre, and on this page: Motorola Droid / Home / Home (news section), this message is posted: "All Droid source consists entirely of code found at the Android repo site."

    So, if that's the case, why is Android so laggy? Shouldn't a plain vanilla Android install do the job?

    Some other tiny things I've noticed... The OMAP vibration device works as described here:
    OMAP vibration device - WebOS Internals
    But unfortunately, Android doesn't utilize it and there is currently no vibration support.

    I'll be experimenting with this in a few days, and if I manage to make/break anything, I'll post the results here.
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    project is dead...sadly...
    at least for the pre...
  3. #683 is down atm, so it's a little hard to obtain android sources using conventional methods.
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    if you find a way to get phone calls wrkig, it would be great!
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    will ever continue to work on the project have yet?sorry for bad language i am from germany and my english is very bad i have translate with with google translator
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    did this android portage will work on my pre + (SFR france)
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    looks like pre3 may get some android love .......
    Add http: infront of the below line ...

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    I want to install android os on my hp veer can I do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jf19880423 View Post
    I want to install android os on my hp veer can I do it.
    you can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    you can't.
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    Because there is no Android for Veer.
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    Could be posible getting cyanogenmod on pre minus ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SunFire View Post
    Could be posible getting cyanogenmod on pre minus ?
    Depending on the amount of source code and drivers that we get from HP/Palm now that webOS is going to be open source, it could be a possibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Depending on the amount of source code and drivers that we get from HP/Palm now that webOS is going to be open source, it could be a possibility.
    i'd like to see that.
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    Sorry, I wasn't reading. Is there any port for Palm Pre 2 ??

    And what should I do. Kernel compilation?
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    I would really like that too but no, there's not.

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    Hi there,
    i tried to install this android dualboot like described in page 5.
    All went right, setup was fast. After reboot the pre does show the bootmenu, but i cant do or select anything. after short time the countdown for webos starts 3.2.1... and hangs at 1. after reboot etc. the same. NOT a preplus! preminus running webos 2.1 (or was running 2.1)
    any ideas for help? bootfix-sh doesn't seem to run because novaterm doesnt let me choose dir with cd c:/bootfix...
    some help would be realy nice... i can get into usb-mode. i know it was my own risk, but if i could rescue my pre without doctoring i wouldn't need to aks all my friends and partners for their phone numbers etc...
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    Any updates ?
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    Anyone have a successful android port for a Pre 2? I am no longer using mine as my phone and would love to turn it into an Android WIFI device for games, etc. If so, point me to some URLs with info and files. THANKS!

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