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    It's not a bad thing, but if I want something on launch day, I'll preorder it from Amazon or some other site that will have it shipped to me. I can't take a day off from work in order to stand in line for a gadget.
    Exactly. About a week after the iPhone 4 came out, my son-in-law bought one for my daughter. If you'll remember, there were folks sleeping outside stores, standing in line, video feeds, the whole shebang.

    When Saundra told me she got it (a week after it came out), I asked how her husband got it for her. "He went down to the AT&T store".

    No lines, no hassle. They had one for him.

    When the Pre came out, I remember people talking about the possibility of lines, and reports that there were a few. Me, I called in, set an appointment at 1, had to wait until 1:30 (they were running a bit behind on activation), and walked out with my phone at 2.

    Maybe if WebOS ever becomes a runaway success, I'll change the story for my great-grandkids about how I weathered the sub-zero temps (in north Texas), and riotious mobs and refused a $5k offer for my place in line. Of course, for that story to be good, the WebOS devices have to reach the "gotta have it first" phase...

    Until then, I'll just have to use it the way it is I suppose.
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    Yeah the article must have been written before the iPad2 was released because it said the Samsung tablet would be $100 cheaper than the ipad. Oops.. guess they didn't notice Apple dropping the iPad to $399. Either way, competition is a good thing. Me, I couldn't be bothered with a tablet that's a few inches larger than a slab phone.
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    Confirmed Xoom pricing:

    Costco will ship 32GB Wifi Xoom with free case and free shipping for $589 on April 1st.

    Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Only Tablet Being Offered With Gift & Discount At Costco | Tablets Planet

    So the iPad 2 undercutting has begun. Looks like it's going the way of a slight undercut with freebies thrown in to entice buyers... definitely an option. We'll see how it goes.
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    And maybe $539 at Sam's Club:
    WiFi-only Motorola Xoom appears at Sam's Club, bearing $539 price? -- Engadget

    I am waiting for the samsung tab 10.1 review. lighter than the ipad2 with a bigger screen and android = win in my book.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    I added the photo from PreCentral that this thread is based on:

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    Isn't that galaxy tab 599 and the lowest priced zoom to? Where did these even come from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by giggles View Post
    Isn't that galaxy tab 599 and the lowest priced zoom to? Where did these even come from?
    THe 10" Galaxy tab WiFi is expected at $499. We think that the printout is an internal Staples document. PreCentral, Engadget and Droid life are reporting this story and each seem to have a little bit different photos.
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    It has been a month, so how good was the Staples information? The dates seem accurate enough. It is just that the manufacturers are dropping prices before the devices are even announced. Watch for the Motoroal Xoom to come down right around the earnings call at the end of this month.

    Base prices and release dates from the photo
    Motorola 10" - $649 $599 - March 17th
    Blackberry 7" - $499 - March 27th
    - - - -Dell 7" - $499 $399 - End of march
    -Samsung 7" - $499 $349 - End of march
    - - - Acer 7" - $399 - April
    - - -HTC 10" - -TBDTBDTBD - $June$
    - - - Dell 10" - $499 - June
    --..Acer 10" - $449 - June
    -Toshiba 10" - $499 $449 - June
    - - -..HP 10" - $499 - June
    - - - - HP 7" - -TBDTBDTBD - $Sept$
    - - - -Asus Transformer 10" - $399
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