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    So I go into Best Buy today to see the current Sprint phone selection. It had been about 12 months since the last time I looked and that was when I got my Pixi. Back then it was at a Sprint store with WORKING devices where I actually got to play around with the phones...and that is what sold me on webOS, to be honest. I'm in my upgrade period and I'm actually considering going ahead and not waiting for Pre3. Anyway, silly me, I figured BB would have working models to test out Android and the size and build quality of the devices. Well, I was disappointed to find out BB only had dummy phones with the phony screen image showing.

    What gives? All the slider models were practically falling sir, that sure isn't going to sell me on THAT device! These things tell me almost nothing about what I really need to know...interface, ease of operation, screen clarity, brightness, UI speed, app loading, etc. Sure, they show me how big the screen is and how thick the device is, but that's about it.

    If HP plans to sell their devices to the most people, they ought to set up WORKING DISPLAY MODELS in Best Buy, Radio Shack, and other third party retail stores with high volume.
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    I think Sprint stores were one of the last places to have a full line-up of working models, at least in my area. I don't know if they still are today, though.
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    Probably two factors - cost and theft.
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    I just don't see how people choose based on those junk models. Might as well save themselves even more space and money and just have printed images on the display case. About as useful.
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    I agree completely. Not only are the dummy models about as informative of the actual phone as a picture; but they are usually scratched up and dirty, falling apart, half-broken, and ugly. All in all, they usually put me off from buying a phone. I would rather look at a laminated picture, or a computer screen, than this junk.

    My advice: try it at a sprint store where they still have actual working models, and then buy it at or wirefly or wherever is cheapest online.
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    The best buy nearest to my house only has two working models. That's the Nexus S and iPhone 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    The best buy nearest to my house only has two working models. That's the Nexus S and iPhone 4.

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    Hopefully HP can put together some nice displays or kiosks that showcase the so called 'ecosystem' and connectivity between the TouchPad and Pre3 (and future devices)...and not just in Sprint/Verizon/AT&T stores. It's not enough to just put out videos on tech blogs...that doesn't reach, for example, any of the 8 family members of mine with iPhones. They know what they see others using and what they can demo in a store. Empty, broken shells do not sell devices...they merely allow someone who already knows what they want to have something to point out to the sales guy at Best Buy.
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    I completely agree. I used to work in a few third-party cellphone resellers, and the non-functioning demos were the first things to go when they started letting me decide what went out on the floor. They're the worst.

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