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    I just read an article in Handheld Computing and this Smart Phone looks like a winner to me. Good resolution Sony screen and looks like a good size.

    My question is, what is the Symbian OS and is it not compatible with the Palm OS. If not, does anyone think Sony will eventually make this model with a Palm OS?

    I would love to buy this for my wife so she carries one device instead of a Visor and cell phone. However, she does not want to start using a new operating system or lose her compatibility with me and other Palm users.

    BTW, she would buy a Treo but she wants color and grafitti but Handspring only offers the Treo color phone in thumbboard model!
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    The P800 is colow..but does it have Graffiti?

    The Symbian OS is popular in Europe but is a non-starter in North Maerica. It is not compatible with the Palm OS.
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    The P800 looks really nice, but compatibility would be a big issue.

    The new Kyocera Smartphone looks really promising.
    It has Palm OS, graffiti and color screen, but not available yet.

    How about Samsung i300?
    Color screen, Palm OS but virtual graffiti. Available now, $499.


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