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    Had my pixie for a year and love it, but I bought an Adam tablet for school since I keep all of my ppts on my laptop and read my books online (too many to carry).

    Never used Android before. The Adam came with a crap interface and of course, no honeycomb, but the Dev community is amazing (though nobody beats webOS internalz!) And after a few days, it's like I've been using it my whole life.

    I bought this particular model for the pixel qi screen, but I was worried about the gamble. It paid off huge. I thought HP would be on the market in time, but having this device now, I find that I don't care. I know their business model will be successful, and I hope the loyal fans out there will benefit for waiting.

    Since I have to upgrade with Sprint before my rewards get downgraded to silver, I'll definitely be getting a smaller android phone, but I'll really miss seeing the awesome work of the webOS community on my devices.

    Thanks to Jason and all the rest for all their work. If they find that it continues to be this hard to make a living off of webOS development in the future, I hope to see their stuff on my devices one day.

    I mean, this thing is freakin' sweet...
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    i would recommend u get the evo shift 4g! its not too big and its REALLY fast man. way faster than the evo 4g and the epic or the optimus s or whatever other android phones sprint has. i am currently running a 1.8 kernel on it but keeping it at 1.2 ghz and man this thing is fast. WAAAYY better than the pixi. i came to android from a pixi and not regretting a single thing! good luck
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    I see a nexus s 4 g in my future..

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