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    Yeah. I'm skeptical about the webOS in a browser thing just because it seems a bit untenable from a architecture standpoint. In HP's defense, I guess they never said the full webOS experience would be coming to the PC.
    Yeah, right. I suspect you guys are in for some pretty big surprises.

    A simple Windows driver that hooks into the built in Windows API for the various functions can serve as a go-between for WebOS and low-level functions. This is very much what the old Palm synchronization program did to tap into different PIM functions.
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    The first thing I thought when I heard webOS might be running in a browser (and therefore only running a subset of the webOS apps) I thought, "Uh-oh, fragmentation!"

    The next thing I thought was, "Didn't Chrome and Jolio already do this?"
    I find this simply amazing. First the response from the naysayers is that's not what he really said. Then it was that he was just mouthing off, that it really wasn't going to happen. Now, as more details emerge, the naysayers are putting words into his mouth.

    He never said a subset. He never said browser functions only. Why the speculation/insistence that it won't/can't be done? I think some of you are starting to worry a tad.
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