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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFly View Post
    Where is the ecosystem for the TouchPad? All those so-called better specs can't compete against a non-existant ecosystem.

    The blogosphere is not the ones that are going to buy the 20 million iPad this year, it will be the consumers.
    Watch for HP's next announced event.
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    So, back on subject with catching up to Apple ..

    webOS needs developers, badly. I find it to be sad and pathetic that 2.1 was just released today to the public yet the SDK is still under NDA with tools and documentation that are next to non-existent.

    Want to catch up to Apple? Focus on the developer tools and needs.
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    Hmmmm so you find three articles from PCMag, which has never posted a complimentary anything about Apple in nearly 20 years...

    and one article written a year ago, before the launch of the iPad when all the pundits (including those in here, I might add) were WRONG about the success of the iPad.

    Every financial analyst in the tech sector this past week has published some version of a revision of their estimates based on the iPad2 announcement. Revising downward HP, Moto, RIM etc, and revising up the iPad2 estimates.

    I have no idea if they are on spot or not, but it's hardly a collective yawn.
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    No, but it is my contention that a group of bloggers/writers from PCMag are not at all an indication of what the consumer market needs, wants or will buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finngirl View Post
    No, but it is my contention that a group of bloggers/writers from PCMag are not at all an indication of what the consumer market needs, wants or will buy.
    I don't think anyone here questioned whether the iPad would sell, the idea put forward was that the intro was pretty much as expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Great find. Three things struck me while I read it.

    1. He was totally off the mark
    2. His arguments sound so much like argument aginst HP re the TouchPad
    3. He was totally off the mark (I know, I already said that, but I thought it was important enough to repeat after mentioning #2)
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    Quote Originally Posted by donm527 View Post
    If anyone has a chance right now... Google.
    Microsoft? Balmer is an *****. MS going nowhere as long as he's running the show.
    The more I learn about HP and why they bought webOS ( and the company Palm that came with it) I am very encouraged that they will give the iPad serious competition over the next couple years.

    Yes, this is all info that regular visitors to PC should know but I'm repeating it anyway. Here is what I understand:
    • HP had the innovation to take the lead in the server market from Dell
    • HP HAD the lead in Mobile computing devices until 2010.
    • They saw Apple taking the lead in Mobile computing early in 2010 and moved to counter Apple. IE, Bought webOS.
    • The rumor that they might move tablets to their laptop division. Laptops being how they USED to be the leader in the mobile computing market.
    • Lots of $ for advertising products that won't be released for months has to to mean lots of $$$$ for advertising the products once they hit the market.

    So, really I think it's just a matter of time as they get all their ducks in a row and start pounding on Apple. It's pretty safe to say they won't catch back up this year, but Apple better look out in 2012.
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    "Catching up to Apple"

    I think if Apple was in HP's current position, they wouldn't try to "catch up" - they'd just continue to be "Apple" - kinda like they actually did 9 years ago... this is the key to their "special sauce", I believe.

    I think HP will gladly settle for just a good portion of the mobile markets that they are looking to compete in, honestly - Apple, as a company, is a corporate anomaly - I dont know of any other large publically traded corporation that is so "corporate" and, simultaneously "not so corporate". 60,000 employees is quite a large company, and usually, at that size, companies have lost their vision - Apple hasn't, and is succeeding well because of it - even Google has lost much of its mojo from the 90's.

    Maybe this is what Apotheker was talking about when he said he wanted HP to be "cool" - perhaps, just perhaps, he understands that the safe, restricted thinking "blue suit" mentality of HP has got to be revolutionized into out-of-the-box, free thinking, daring, creativity, where the rules aren't hard any more, but just guidelines that sometimes have to be broken in order to really become innovative.

    There are many things I personally don't like about Apple as a company, but, I respect, deeply, their culture and what appears to be an intent to keep it healthy and strong over the past 30 years or so, depite all sorts of adversity.

    So, perhaps Apotheker, with a company over 5 times the size of Apple, and a ton of assets at his fingertips (including one of the largest R&D facilities in the northern hemisphere), sees that HP is in a position to institute a company culture that is much different from the past culture that dominated HP in the past 20 years or so, and this is the time to put that into motion.

    I will say this one more time: the TP is in an incredibly good position to become everythng the market and consumer wants and needs, and, despite Apples current dominance, the market for tablet computing is just getting started, with years of real growth potential.

    The TP HW specs sure provide enough to suggest they can deliver a truly innovative and significant product this summer, along with WebOS, the best, if not one of the 2 best mobile OS's today, however, as stated so, SO many times here, harware specs alone won't cut it - they are but mere tools and mediums that real innovators must optimally and effficiently use to achieve a truly "kick-A" product that people not only think they need, but desire and, when they buy it, are very satisified with their decision to do so.

    So far, there's alot going well for the proposed TP and, HP needs to execute, big time, on it - I believe tomorrow, Apotheker may give us a clue as to what I'm speculating on above: to change the company culture and really loosen up the creative reigns on those 30,000+ engineers alongwith the remaining 270,000 employees, and let them get a little "crazy" so that true innovation at HP can be reborn in not just the product design stages, but production and marketting stages, as well.

    I think, and hope, cuz, I really like WebOS as a mobile OS.
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    Catching Apple is a tricky business for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Apple is not sitting around just waiting to be caught. There are three software initiatives we will see this year from Apple that demonstrate my point:

    1. OS X 10.7 Lion: I have been using it since it was released. I will not say anything about it that is not already a matter of public record. I can say that It will create a lot of buzz this summer.

    2. The Cloud: Free MobileMe is right around the corner. An iTunes locker might come if negotiations go well. Apple is ready. That huge data center will go online any day. These are big advances in an already advanced ecosystem.

    3. iOS 5: I think this will be even bigger than the iPad 2. It will give every iPad owner a brand new iPad for free. It will address the rough patches in the OS. Say good-bye to intrusive notifications.

    These three things will change the character of mobile for Apple's notebook and iDevice line-up. In other words, HP has to be planning to compete with the new, 2011 Apple, not the 2010 Apple.

    The good news for HP supporters is that if I know about these initiatives, HP must as well.

    Oh, and there is the little matter of the iPhone 5 to consider...
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    The Xoom beat the iPad on every spec but one: price.

    The Xoom tried and failed at $800. Next it will try again as WiFi only later this month at $599. And it will fail again. By May they will try $499. And it will fail again.

    The iPad 2 at $499 sold out in hours. Then the backlog went from 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 weeks in a few more hours. People are getting between $300-$500 for their old iPads on eBay.

    This fall the iPad 3 and iPad Nano are due out and everyone will all be selling their iPad 2's.

    The TouchPad has every spec it needs to be a huge hit sometime this summer except for the one spec HP has not given: price.

    What price does the TouchPad need to be at to be a hit this summer?
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    IMO... Greater than $599... Fail.
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    The TouchPad needs sales of about 5 million to be relevant.

    Would $399 do it?
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    Whatever HP has that matches certain Apple devices models should come in at 50 dollar under or equal to. Such as if HP has a 16gb model wifi only, it should be 450 or 499. The should also make sure Sprint is onboard. With Sprints new add campain toting "unlimited", it could be an added bonus.
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    HP will have to beat the iPad at a lot more than just pricing. People are buying the iPad for its capabilities, not price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    HP will have to beat the iPad at a lot more than just pricing. People are buying the iPad for its capabilities, not price.
    While that may be true, some people are buying it just because of the brand name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    While that may be true, some people are buying it just because of the brand name.
    And some will buy a TouchPad based on it being Palm/webOS.
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