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    Boy I hope they go back to Aluminum. I love the aluminum bodies...

    iPhone 5 rumors: aluminum backside, redesigned antenna

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    I'm sorry but isnt that just a 3GS but with a white front and a metal back? Apple really can do squat all and still sell their stuff, it truely is amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcbo89 View Post
    I'm sorry but isnt that just a 3GS but with a white front and a metal back? Apple really can do squat all and still sell their stuff, it truely is amazing.
    That's all that picture is - it's not actually an iphone 5.
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    That looks ugly as hell. I think the 4 looks fine how it is. Not a fan of Apple products but that is one step in the wrong direction if that's true.
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    i like the current version too... my wife has the 4 while I've had the 3gs. I wouldnt mind if they kept it this blocky style either (I like the 3gs body also) but I do like the idea of full aluminum body though. Maybe they will change the back portion to aluminum but retain the current design.

    This of this though... they touted the ipad2 as being thinner than the iphone4. Over each phone they have been big on making it thinner... wouldnt be a stretch to think that they will want the iphone5 to be as thin if not thinner than the iphone4/ipad2.

    Will be very interesting this summer.

    Can you imagine an aluminum webos system in a form factor like that?! That would be HOT!!
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    It's will be different from person to person... but I find the 3gs feels better to me in hand with the curves than the 4th gen.
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    Unibody metal construction is awesome looking, IMO, but it's tough to build phones that way due to RF concerns. Sure makes for a solid hardware experience, though ... Would be great to see webOS on a truly well-crafted hunk of aluminum.
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    3GS feels better in the hand.

    iPhone 4 is one of, if not the best looking phone hardware on this planet (IMO of course).

    But how my phone looks is rarely why i buy a phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    This just looks like someone applied the iPad 2's styling to an iPhone.
    Which actually makes it kind-of plausible. Though with iPad 3 due later this year, I wonder if that is the design (always assuming it is noticeably different from iPad 2!) Apple will echo?

    Only a mock-up though, all speculation of course!
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    Looks like an iPod touch to me.
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    I love the current iPhone design, but I wouldn't be opposed to going back to the original aluminum backing.
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    that's just a rendering it's not real.

    as for aluminum backs. with the current version the back is changable if you have the screwdriver and there are many places to get replacements iPhone 4 - Cellular Accessories | Mobile Accessories | Cell Phone Chargers | Cases | Cell Phone . So it's perfectly plausible that they'll just swap the back for one that's more durable.
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    wait they are going to back to iphone 1 and now it's a good thing?
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    So it's a bad thing to go thinner, lighter, and stronger? I don't get it. Do you guys drive Honda Elements per chance?
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    This version looks just as good to me too...

    More iPhone 5 metal back, 4-inch screen, NFC rumors | TiPb

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