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    So the entire fight for the tablet market is going to be in the software realm...
    Couldn't agree more. But if there are no apps available, the OS doesn't make a darn bit of difference. You can have the best UI and still be losing...just take a look at the Pre, Pre+, Pixi, and the Pixi+ to see this in action.

    There are more Android devices activated in a week then there are webOS devices being used (and as of now webOS user base in still declining -- see the latest comscore results).
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    Honeycomb will be successful because it will be possible for manufacturers to be profitable with minimal investment. That will allow Honeycomb to capture the bottom end and still allow a few manufacturers to invest in overlay software to differentiate themselves and hopefully create a better experience that competes with Apple, HP, RIM and other integrated providers.

    This is the strategy and the risk is the Honeycomb is watered-down, no direction, generic product that is nothing to anyone by trying to be everything to all. I don't see that happening because Google actually has a strategy, an ecosystem, an installed base outside of phones and tablets, and a freemium model that works well for them.
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    The problem will be when the competition brings price down to the point where it becomes difficult for Motorala, LG, HTC, et al, to make a profit. They are using their skins to differentiate themselves, but its not working. Right now, the major differentiators are: what carriers the device is available on, and certain features (like the motorala atrix) that are not yet standard.

    just like in PC world, the desirable features will all become standard, and the processing power and other specs will become comparable across the top line for each manufacturer.

    There is a big difference between tablet and PC world here though: In PC's, especially historically, Windows had no real competition, so that Dell, HP, etc only competed with each other, and therefore could keep prices profitable. Apple until recently was only a nice in that market. In Tablet world, they will have to compete with Apple as well. So they will be forced to compete with each other based on price and with Apple based on innovation.

    Very difficult to pull off.
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    Here is a 10 page review about the Xoom...

    Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom

    To sum it up from the review...

    If you are looking for the best tablet available today, then look no further than Cupertino.
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    Don't jump for the Xoom just because it's the first—they rushed it out prematurely hoping to capitalize on exactly that.
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    Not the biggest deal anyways as, in 6 months there will be a newly named O.S. from google on the horizon and everyone will be anticipating that. Now that we have Honeycomb I'm voting for nameing the next OS "Google Count Chocula"
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