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    With the announcement of the ipad 2 today, HP should be flat out embarrassed. Embarrassed they are missing the boat again! Embarrassed that they need to take so long to release their new products. Embarrassed that a competing company can announce a product and deliver it to customers within weeks. Embarrassed that long term customers feel no loyalty to them anymore, especially since the webos update debacle. Embarrassed that their device will be sub par by the time it comes out this summer (no rear camera, thicker than other devices, not as quick and responsive, inferior battery life). Embarrassed that they are embarrassing HP and the Palm brand. The announcement of their devices coupled with their proposed unclear release dates far away is a complete and utter joke and appointment. I am proud to say I am a legacy device owner with sprint, never had to replace it and have had palm products since 1999 with the palm pilot and had their first smartphone with the treo. Honestly, I have never been so close to going to apple. HP/Palm, from a business man to a business man ... poor execution and bad decisions! I don't want to hear excuses anymore of why it is taking so long ... you are a big company with a lot of money, power, leverage and intel, make it happen like your peers!!
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    Really, HP has the ability to use the next 4 months to make the TouchPad thinner, lighter, add HDMI out + rear camera, increase battery life and figure out how to sell it for $399. But...they won't.
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