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    Ok, after watching this I have to take back everything I said about having low expectations for Honeycomb. Looks pretty sweet.

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    It looks so sweet because it is the first full release that is the vision of Matias Duarte. Matias is the man who used to work for Palm, who had the idea and initial design of webOS. Android will go great places with him onboard.
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    I dunno. I see a lot of Xoom owners unimpressed with it.
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    See: Matias Duarte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Duarte's list of patents includes 28 US Patents and 30 pending US Patent applications. He was behind 19 of Palm's key innovations.

    The Sidekick was Duarte's first UI. Microsoft bought up his patents but did not think that they needed him. Microsoft tried to use Duarte's work on their own created the Kin.

    webOS was Duarte's second UI. For whatever reason HP released Duarte from his contract when they got his patents when HP bought Palm.

    Honeycomb was Duarte's third UI but was already under way when he got there.

    Ice Cream this summer is what Duarte is so excited about in this Engadget interview:

    Exclusive interview: Google's Matias Duarte talks Honeycomb, tablets, and the future of Android -- Engadget

    Here is Duarte with his shirt only half tucked in when Engadget snagged Matias Duarte for the interview:

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