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    Motorola chief: The better software will win tablet wars | Tablets | iOS Central | Macworld

    Interesting article with an even more interesting admission by the Motorola Chief. Here are a couple of snippets:

    Despite the fact that his company specializes in designing device hardware, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha thinks the tablet market’s future is largely out of his hands.

    Speaking Monday at Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in San Francisco, Jha said that while hardware was obviously an important part of the equation in the tablet market, consumers would ultimately decide which devices they like best based on the operating systems and applications available. So while most new tablets to hit the market may have similar processing power, they won’t all have access to same operating systems.
    Early reviews of the device praised the strength of Motorola’s hardware but said that the Honeycomb version of Android needed significant work. Many early users have experienced frequent application crashes while others have expressed concerns that there isn’t yet a robust market for tablet-centric Android applications as there is for Apple’s iPad. Other reviewers expressed frustration that there was no Adobe Flash installed on the Xoom, although Adobe has said it expects to have a Flash ready for use on Android tablets within the next few weeks.
    While I agree that software is what ultimately defines the experience of such devices, I am surprised to see such a candid admission from a company that makes hardware.

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    Agreed 9000 percent.

    And I'm sure that was the motivation behind HP's purchase of 'WebOS from Palm". But I think the scope goes waaaaay beyond the actual OS. They need a unified experience between the OS, content, apps, and everything in between.

    HP claims to understand the need for an ecosystem, but all they've shown thus far is a hodge podge of vague teases (HP Movie Store), individual publisher apps (Time, Kindle), and general confusion. There's way too much emphasis on "hardware ecosystem" or how content can be shared between multiple devices. Thing is, you need to get customers to buy ONE device first.
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    I so wanted to love the Xoom. While I like specs, I buy a device because of what it can do and that's mostly (not 100%) controlled by software as long as the hardware is reasonable. Looks like my wait continues until I can see what the iPad 2 offeres (since I don't feel it makes sense to get an iPad OG this late in the game).

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