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    Alright, I've been comparing webOS and iOS more lately. I am wondering what features we have in webOS that iOS 4.0 lacks?

    In my reading, it seems to me that iOS 4.0 took alot of the wind out of webOS's sails. I would never have chosen an iOS 3 device over webOS, but 4.0 added the following webOS features:

    • multitasking (inellegant but at least functional)
    • automatic contact syncing
    • a version of 'universal search' (not quite just 3rd party, no actions etc)

    Those are some of webOS's most advertised features (of course, webOS is a much nicer UI). So I am asking those with more experience with both platforms, what can webOS do that iOS 4.x can't?

    I'll start:
    • it seems to me that in iOS a person couldn't compose mutliple emails at a time (due to the lack of cards).
    • fast switching between apps is not possible (due to lack of gestures)

    Anything more serious?
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    Flash is one I'd imagine. And for some the ability to access Linux out of the box and customize the system however you desire is pretty big.
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    right, flash is huge!
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    fast switching between apps is not possible (due to lack of gestures)
    Fast switching is certainly possible with iOS4. All you have to do is double-tap the home button and tap an app in the recent apps list. Maybe it's more fun and elegant to do it with gestures, but that's a difference in style, not a lack of function.
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    Here's a big difference: customizability. Unless you jailbreak, there's very little you can change in iOS settings to customize anything. You can't even change the color of each calendar account in iOS.

    Synergy is a big difference too. webOS does a much better job of synthesizing all of your information.

    ALSO, a huge difference is the expert user community that exists around both OSes. With iOS, there isn't much outside the jailbreakers. And IMHO, there's too much of a juvenile l33t wannabe-criminal feel to it. redsn0w? greenpois0n? hakorz? geohot? I appreciate their efforts, no doubt; my iPhone is jailbroken and a much better device because of it. Contrast this with the webOSInternals group and the community of webOS users here. Much more "adult" and "intelligent" feel around here. That's a big plus in my book on the webOS side of the ledger, no matter what OS we're comparing webOS to.
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    The most important thing is that there is no file manager in IOS and while you can argue that there isn't an official one in WebOS, files downloaded from one app are actually visible to ALL apps in webOS. The file system that webOS uses makes my music app to automatically find every music file on the device, no matter which folder it is in. The same is true for video app, document app etc.. In IOS files downloaded by one app e.g. goodreader are not visible to any other document editor/reader you have to redownload them or use itunes to copy and paste in each application so each copy takes additional space.

    I would also add, the ability to close apps in a very fast and elegant manner to your list. Even on a Jailbroken device, swipe up to close is not available (or at least it wasn't last time I checked). Press and hold to go into another mode to close apps is just ...

    Although you mentioned multitasking I would emphasize that the ability to multitask depends not on the OS but on on the app developer (in iOS) so not every app is multitask capable. On WebOS, since it is native multitasking, every app is multitask capable.

    I do know that this thread is purely about the OS but IMHO for a phone, one handed use and the ability to use in winter without getting frostbitten matters too. Vertical slider is actually a great design that facilitates this, also with a physical keyboard I "just type" to do any thing be it finding an app, a contact, an email or some other data. The OS was designed with the capabilities of the hardware in mind and it shows.

    One thing I do want to point out though is that for someone looking for a phone, I think the best phone is the phone that looks, feels and works well for them. We can argue about what features one OS has over the other till we are blue in the face but it "really" does not matter. People tend to learn to live within the limitations of the device just because it does one thing they want it to do, or they like its shape, color or any number of inane things that you or I might not ever think about.

    For me, the primary reason to choose Palm Pre was the idea of true multitasking and (future) flash support both of which were sore points with my iPhone. I bought a Pre and the things that impressed me most were the email app (no issues with any service that I had even corporate email worked flawlessly); the browser, which was fast and did everything that I was used to on my iphone, and the ability to open an email and its response simultaneously along with several websites so that I could do copy and paste (remember it was added with version 3 of IOS). I also fell in love with the seamless OTA updates that Palm kept pushing. On my iOS devices (I own, iphone iPad, ipod touch) I hated the fact that I had to install and run itunes to do everything (backups, upgrades, file transfers etc.). This hatred intensified when on every single device that I have owned from Apple I couldn't restore anything worth restoring even though each backup took hours (they have gotten waaaaay better now on OS2.1 it took 8 hours to do a backup). I can not delete any app (game) until I am totally done with it since no save games are actually backed up (this is from personal experience) and I have lost several weeks of progress on my games each time something catastrophic happens. The no file manager thing was also a major pain point for me. This was actually resolved when I jail broke my iphone however, to get newer features that I wanted or security fixes that I needed I had to upgrade code and keeping up with jailbreak became a hassle real fast.

    I had thought that I would be disappointed with the screen size but quite frankly it was less of a hassle that I ever thought it would be. I am using an epic4G now and I still go back to using my Pre from time to time as it just works.

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