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    Not sure if this is where this should be posted so feel free to move it.

    Orb (scroll to the bottom of the link) is a ring that transforms into a bluetooth headset. This is something I would love to buy for my wife so she can look at me like I am an ***** when I give it to her.
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    See, just the word wedding terrified me about this post.

    I sent that gold, tiny size 5 to the dump.

    Not that I'd ever use or need a headset, either. LOL

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    Does it come preset to dial 911?
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    She could get you the next version for your anniversary. The one with the remote-controller taser feature.
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    wedding ring - <shudder>

    thanks for killing my buzz.... ;-)
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    Looks silly, and likely to fall off!

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    Reminds me of the headset they use in fringe. Pair this with Phil's watch and we got ourselves a neat idea, or at least some junk that will get the suckers like me.

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