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    I have really enjoyed these forums, and so I thought I'd seek a little advice before I leave webOS.

    I am sitting on an upgrade on Rogers, which will lock me in for 3 years (that's what they do in Canada). Waiting is difficult because HP has given NO specifics as far as release dates or carriers, and even if they did...the trackrecord for punctuality is not there (Verizon Pre 2?). Also, every month I wait adds a month onto my current contract. Currently I am using an unlocked Pixi Plus. I am very reluctant to upgrade to a Palm Pre 2 because the keyboard is so mushy compared to my pixi.

    What I love about webOS: its mutlitasking UI, gestures, universal search/just type, (flash...if I had 2.0)...and especially Homebrew/Preware/Internals and the community!!!

    What I don't like: laggy OS, many apps are missing, lacks voice-commands/dictation (this one is big for me), shorter battery life.

    So, right now I am mostly leaning to getting an iPhone4. I lose the nice UI and simple multitasking, but get lots of apps (i.e. Dragon Dictation), high build quality, longer battery life (so I'm told). I think I prefer the physical keyboard of my pixi...but I also think i could get used to a virtual keyboard.

    Other options would be Android (Captivate?) because the voice actions sound nice and free turn-by-turn sounds nice, but the ugly Android UI and the fact that every phone has a different shell built on it and that upgrades are never certain discourages me from Android.

    WP7 (Samsung Focus?) looks appealing for some of its UI, but I have seen how slow WP7 is next to iOS and Android, not to mention many missing features and apps.

    Any thoughts or advice?
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    is there an urgent need to upgrade now, or could you wait.
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    I'd wait till summer:
    iphone 5
    pre 3
    gingerbread phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    I'd wait till summer:
    iphone 5
    pre 3
    gingerbread phones

    Would definitely wait until summer, if possible. Too many devices/upgrades hitting; it'd be a shame to lock yourself into a three year deal now only to have (and knowingly going into it) that new devices/upgrades are coming soon!
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    now that it is on verizon, the only option I would consider is the iPhone.
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    Well, the issue is that I am about 6 months into a 3 year contract on Rogers which I never recieved hardware for and I am now eligible for an upgrade as of January (I know it's complicated....but i got an AMAZING plan transferred to me from my friend).

    The plan has a number of hefty discounts which expire at the end of those 3 years, but when I upgrade I'll be locked in for 3 years from upgrade (hence my discounts will expire before my plan does...which I am not fond of).

    This makes me inclined to upgrade soon...
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    buy whatever can be sold on ebay for the most $$
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    You know, that is a good consideration. What phone could hold it's value to sell...

    On the other hand, I suppose the summer is only 4-6 months away, so perhaps i can wait. I contacted my friend who is a Rogers expert...and he is confident that if I threaten to leave when my discounts expire, they will reinstate most if not all of them.

    I'm content with my Pixi in the mean time.
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    I would wait, if at all possible. If not, the iPhone is a superb compromise. Yes, the battery life is much better than that on webOS devices. (However, strategic Touchstone placement can mitigate this somewhat.) I routinely leave my house at 8am with 100% and return at 6pm with more than 60%. My typical day includes heavy email, texting, phone, web, Evernote and ToDo (tasking app by Appigo) use. I've been very impressed with WP7, though. I got my fill of Android - it's by far the sloppiest mobile OS experience ever conceived.
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    I would wait. iphone 5 would definitely be a better phone than iphone 4. I would also, shy away from android until gingerbread or 2.4 unless something changes drastically.

    Pre3 would be out by the time iphone 5 is out and you will be able to check both of them out and decide then. I think webOS is a great OS and iOS feels very constricted/restricted after using a webOS device. This would also allow you to keep your investment in webOS (purchased apps etc.).

    Windows Phone 7 will be a contender soon with the mango update and 2nd generation devices but that seems to be more of September thing than June or July unless Nokia can hurry up.

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